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Honors Program

Honors Program Mission Statement

The Virginia Union University Honors Program is a comprehensive program providing advanced learning opportunities for students of superior intellectual ability, high motivation and broad academic interests. It emphasizes leadership development as well as social outreach and seeks to enhance its participant’s intellectual ability, social consciousness, spiritual development, cultural and global awareness, and preparation for advanced academic studies and career development.

Goals of the Honors Program

  1. To provide opportunities for participants to engage in challenging academic experiences, stimulating discussions, critical thinking, free inquiry, and investigation;
  2. To support and build strong leadership skills by encouraging and promoting active student involvement in the local, national, and international community;
  3. To enhance and build communication and research skills by providing opportunities for scholarly publications and presentations;
  4. To provide opportunities for participants to receive recognition for superior academic achievement;
  5. To provide opportunities for local, national, as well as international studies and experiences;
  6. To maintain a supportive and encouraging academic environment conducive to rigorous research, effective teaching, and meaningful community service.