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The Social Work Club


The Social Work Club is open to social work majors and minors and other students who have an interest in expanding their understanding and knowledge base of the social work profession. The objectives of the Club are:

 1.  To encourage the professional growth of students through the development of  leadership skills  and attendance at workshops and conferences related to social work and  social welfare issues;

 2.  To serve as a vehicle for social work majors to interact with each other outside of the  classroom;

 3.  To plan and implement campus-wide activities in recognition of National Social Work  Month each March, and other community service activities throughout the year;

 4.  To expose and encourage student participation in community volunteer activities;

 5.  To better acquaint the University family and the community with the Social Work  profession and its students.

The Club advisor is a member of the social work faculty and serves as a supportive guide in meeting club objectives.

All social work majors and minors are expected to be a part of the Club. Each spring the Club elects a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, and each class elects a class coordinator; the freshman class elects a Coordinator in the fall.  The Officers and Coordinators meet with the Club Advisor (a member of the social work faculty) each month to plan the monthly meetings and coordinate long term planning. The Coordinators are responsible for disseminating information and recruiting participants from their classmates. The President also serves as a member of the Advisory Board for the program.

The Club sponsors students attending the Rally in the Valley (part of the Virginia Consortium of Social Work Educators fall event) and Project Homeless Connect each fall, and the Urban League’s Annual Gala in the spring, as well as other events on and off campus. To maintain its status as a student organization, each year the Club has to sponsor several events including: spiritual event, leadership event, community service event, personal development event, and an academic event.

The Club collects dues from its members and conducts fundraising activities to support its programs.



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