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The mission of the Department of Computer Information Systems & Computer Science is to create an active, experiential learning environment that prepares students to be able to plan, design and manage an e-commerce- ready enterprise that is driven by efficient business processes and supported by a Web-ready integrated database environment.

To fullfill our mission the following overall goals of the Department of CIS/CS are  to:

•       Teach and broadly disseminate fundamental knowledge concerning the design, use and implementation of organizational computer information systems.

•       Prepare students with the necessary knowledge and skills for success in the workplace and life-long learning as a business professional in the field of computer information systems.

•       Maintain a high level of effectiveness in instruction, intellectual contribution and professional service.

•       Provide an environment conducive to attracting students and developing professional faculty.

•       Develop fundamental understanding of programming through the systematic study of algorithmic processes that create, describe, and transform information.  

Computer Information Systems Major
Requirements (B. S. Degree, 120 hours)

The program of study of CIS/CS focuses on the development and management of computer information systems in a business environment.

The CIS/CS curriculum is geared towards preparing students to:
•       Acquire skills, competencies and knowledge required to design, implement, and use computer information systems.
•       Successfully pursue professional careers in the field of computer information systems.
•       Prepare students with programming and analysis interests in the computer science minor.
General Education                                            52 hours
SLSB Core Courses                                           26 hours
ACC 201 Financial Accounting 
ACC 202 Managerial Accounting
ECO 232 Micro-Economics
FNB 300 Principles of Finance
MGT 200 Intro to Legal Environments 
MGT 213 Managerial Communications 
MGT 314 Management and Organizational Behavior
MKT 300 Principles of Marketing

Required Computer Info. Systems Courses      21 hours
CIS 210 Introduction to Software Development
CIS 263 Networks and Telecommunication
CIS 265 Electronic Commerce
CIS 360 Database Design and Implementation
CIS 362 IS Hardware and Software
CIS 364 Systems Analysis and Design
CIS 368 Application Programming

Restricted Electives                                           9 hours
CIS 369 Advanced Application Programming
CIS 370 Cyber Crime and Cyber Security
CIS 413 IT Strategy, Management, and 
CIS 460 IT Project Management
CIS 461 Data Mining and Decision Support Systems
CIS 490 Senior Research

Total Hours Required for Degree                     120 hours