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The Sydney Lewis School of Business (SLSB) seeks to
prepare students for 1) leadership positions in business
and government organizations in a competitive global
economy or 2) to pursue graduate studies. The program
promotes intellectual, technical, professional and
ethical development so students can be competitive in
the global economy.

The Sydney Lewis School of Business has two
departments: Accounting and Management. We also
have a Center for Small Business Development that caters
to then needs of young entrepreneurs ready to take on 
ownership of a business.

The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree is offered for the
majors in the Sydney Lewis School of Business

**The SLSB program is accredited by the Accreditation
Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).
ACBSP is one of the most recognized names in business
higher education worldwide, known for having the highest
standards of excellence in accreditation

SLSB ACBSP Quality Assurance Report
Including Assessment Results-- 2009 to 2011

SLSB ACBSP Quality Assurance Report 
Including Assessment Results-- 2011 to 2013

SLSB Graduates by Program Chart 2014-2016


- Accounting
- Entrepreneur Management
- Finance and Banking
- Marketing
- Business and Information Technology
- Education
 Students who are not SLSB majors many minor in Business by taking 19 hours, consisting of ACC 201 (Financial Accounting), MKT 300 (Principles of Marketing), FNB 300 (Principles of Finance), and three other specified courses.

The three additional courses are to be chosen in consultation with the Chair of the Department of Management or Accounting and approved by the Dean of the SLSB.  Students must earn a grade of "C" or better in all courses taken for the minor in Business program.

Requirements (B. S. Degree, 120 hours)
(A minimum grade of C is required in all English, Mathematics, Economics and Business Courses)

The SLSB core, required of all business students, uses a holistic approach to learning and understanding how
functional areas in business and management are intertwined and applicable to a broad range of
organizational issues and problems.

General Education 52 hours
SLSB Core Courses 38 hours

ACC 201 Financial Accounting 4
ACC 202 Managerial Accounting 4
ECO 232 Micro-Economics 3
FNB 300 Principles of Finance 3
MGT 199 Professional and Ethical Development 3
MGT 200 Intro to Legal Environments 3
MGT 213 Managerial Communications 3
MGT 313 Operations Management 3
MGT 314 Management and Organizational Behavior 3
MGT 316 Global Business 3
MKT 300 Principles of Marketing 3
MGT 413 Strategic Management in a Global Environment 3
Other Departmental Requirements 6 hours
MAT 201 Statistics 3
MAT 210 Business Calculus 3

Courses Required in Major 18 - 23 hours
Restricted Electives 1 - 6 hours

Total Hours Required for Degree 120 hours.