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VUU Admissions

Admission Process - Freshman Applicants

There are six factors which will be used to evaluate applicants for admission to Virginia Union University.

1. Quality of High School Academics
The Admissions Committee is most interested in the quality of the applicant's high school program of study. Students with solid achievement in four or more academic courses each year of high school will have a distinct advantage in the admission process. Competitive candidates for admission will have taken upper level coursework (i.e. Honors, AP, IB, Dual Enrollment) in the core academic areas when available in their high school.

2. Academic Achievement
Competitive candidates will have mostly As and Bs in the core academic areas: English, math, lab science, social science and foreign language. While we focus on the individual grades in each core academic class the admissions committee notes the high school grade point average and class rank if reported by the high school. Virginia Union University is more interested in how a prospective student performs over the four year high school program than the results of a standardized test.

3. Standardized Tests
Performance on the SAT I or ACT helps the committee discern applicants' past academic achievement and their potential for future academic achievement.
VUU accepts and recognizes both the SAT and ACT, we ask that you send all of your scores. When reviewing test scores we use the highest individual verbal and highest individual math scores from the SAT. For the ACT we use your single highest composite score.
VUU requires an official score report to complete your application. Official results include a photocopy or fax of your official scores received at your home address, scores reported to VUU from your high school, or scores sent directly to VUU from the testing agency.

4. Secondary School Report and Recommendation
This form is located in the application and must be given to the high school guidance office. This is where the Admissions Committee will learn if the applicant chose the most demanding program of courses, an average program of courses, etc. They also tell us how competitive the high school class is by sharing with us how many students intend to go on to a four year college next year. They will rate the applicant in some areas such as academic potential, motivation, and leadership skills.

Please ask only one person to send a recommendation letter. You may ask for this letter from an academic teacher or your guidance counselor. We cannot read additional letters, so please be sure to ask for only one. The letter and the secondary school report are not the same thing--always give the secondary school report to your counselor, even if you ask a teacher to write you a letter.

5. Extracurricular Activities

We are looking for quality involvement rather than quantity of involvement. We like to see the type of involvement students have in particular clubs and/or organizations rather than just being a member. Please tell us about club, organization and athletic activity. We are also interested in students who have been involved in community service or held part time jobs.

6. Personal Statement (Optional)

We do not require a particular topic for the Personal Statement. We allow applicants to decide what the committee still needs to know in order to accurately evaluate their application. Please do not repeat information that can be found in the application. This space is provided to help the committee get to know the applicant better. We encourage students to be creative and have fun with it! Please know that the committee will consider content and grammar as well as spelling. The statement should be about a page but no longer than a page and a half. We don't have a preference in font type or line spacing.