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VUU Admissions

Links HBCU-Community College Collaborative Assessment
Virginia Union University & J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College


Dear Links Scholar,
As the Links’ HBCU – Community College Collaborative closes, we would like to obtain your feedback on your experience with the program with thoughts on how initiatives like this can move forward with assisting community college students to transfer into historically black colleges and universities or senior institutions as a whole. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Your feedback will remain anonymous, and will only be used for the purpose of developing a report to be issued to the Links International and USA Funds on the project.

Tell us about yourself

1.How did you learn about the Links Scholars Program?

2.What made you want to participate in the program?

3. In what year did you transfer to Virginia Union University?

4. Did you complete your associate’s degree at Reynolds?

6. In which program were you enrolled at Reynolds?

7. In what program, are you currently enrolled in at Virginia Union University?

8. Did you receive a scholarship from VUU?

9. If yes, what scholarship did you receive?

Tell us about your transition

10. Did you receive transfer advising before transferring to Virginia Union?

11.If yes, from which institution?

12.Please consider your transfer between our institutions. Indicate below those good things that you experience during the transfer process.

13.Were there any challenges related to your transfer to Virginia Union (from Reynolds)?

14. If yes, please indicate the challenges(s)

Tell us about your Mentoring Experience

15.Did you have a mentor during this program?

16. If yes, please rate your mentoring experience.

17. If you rated your mentoring experience “fair” or “poor”, please tell us why.


18. As we move forward, what are some things that might make transfer between Reynolds and Virginia Union University better? (Please list those things based on your experience.)