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Appeal Process for Housing Charges

Students assessed a fine from the Office of Residence Life & Housing may appeal the charge only if there is sufficient rationale for the request to be reconsidered.  Appeal requests for residential charges must be submitted on time by the student only via the form below.  Note all matters must be handled by the student, and without student consent, staff cannot discuss charges or appeal requests with parents, legal guardians, or others; this is to promote responsibility and accountability to the student, and because the student often has information regarding the nature of the charge which the bill-payer may not know.  Submitting the form below will begin the appeal process.  Appeal requests must be made within three days of the charge. Group billings cannot be appealed.

Residence Life & Housing Charge Appeal Form



Charge description

Details of appeal request(s)

For each charge you are appealing, type a VERY DETAILED rationale for your appeal request. This should include specific information why you believe this appeal request should be reconsidered. If you know another student which should take responsibility for the charge(s), this information should be included