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THE RECORDS OF THE LIBRARY in the University Archives
Virginia Union University

September 1997


These records reflect the growth and development of the Library at Virginia Union University. Originally housed in the basement of Coburn Hall, the library was relocated into the Belgian Friendship Building in 1950 and named the William J. Clark Library after the university’s third president. In January 1997 the collection moved into the L. Douglas Wilder Library and Learning Resource Center, referred to as the Wilder Library, named in honor of the VUU alumnus, the first elected African American Governor in the United States.

The head librarians have been as follows:

Mr. Wallace Van Jackson 1927-1941

Mr. William A. Griffey 1941-1942

Ms. Ann Goode (acting) 1942-1944

Ms. Bertha W. Gibbs (acting) 1944-1946

Mrs. Verdelle V. Bradley 1946-1985

Mrs. Sylvia Jenkins (acting) 1985-1986

Ms. Wanda Crenshaw 1986-1989

Dr. Vonita Foster 1989-2003

Dr. Delores Z. Pretlow 2003-2012

Ms. Pamela Foreman (Interim) 2012- September 2014

Mr. Tracey Hunter Hayes September 2014-February 2015

Ms. Pamela Foreman (Interim) March 2015-June 2015

Ms. Pamela Foreman  July 2015-

The bulk of the collection is the annual reports for which there is a virtually complete run from 1927 through 1992, including semi-annual reports and quarterly reports. The Administrative file contains papers created in the day-to-day business such as limited correspondence, floor plans and library objectives and statistics. The Events file contains announcements for library sponsored events such as guest speakers. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools is an accreditation committee on which Mrs. Bradley served.

The James Weldon Johnson Tribute files relate to a display in the library presented in conjunction with the 1972 Fine Arts Festival (AR-004) tribute to Johnson. The correspondence is between Ms. O.J. Okala, nurse to Johnson’s widow, and Mrs. Bradley. The display materials are mainly biographical sketches and sheet music (the newspaper clippings have been moved to the Clippings File under Johnson, James Weldon).


Box 1


Annual Reports, 1927, 1928, 1937, 1938

Annual Reports, 1940-1949

Annual Reports, 1950-1959

Annual Reports, 1960-1969

Annual Reports, 1969-1970

Annual Reports, 1970-1971

Annual Reports, 1971-1972

Annual Reports, 1972-1973

Annual Reports, 1973-1974

Annual Reports, 1974-1975

Annual Reports, 1975-1976

Annual Reports, 1976-1977

Annual Reports, 1977-1978

Annual Reports, 1978-1979

Annual Reports, 1979-1980

Annual Reports, 1980-1981

Annual Reports, 1981-1982

Annual Reports, 1982-1983

Annual Reports, 1983-1985

Annual Reports, 1985-1986

Annual Reports, 1986-1989

Annual Reports, 1990-1991

Annual Reports, 1991-1993

Annual Reports, 1993-1995


Circulation Statistics Record


James Weldon Johnson Tribute - Correspondence

James Weldon Johnson Tribute - Display Materials

James Weldon Johnson Tribute - Photographs

L. Douglas Wilder Lecture Series, 1997-

L. Douglas Wilder Lecture Series, photographs

"Library Bulletin"

Lost Books, 1960-1966

Neighborhood Youth Corps, 1968-1969, 1971

"Newsletter", 1997-


Sound Recording Lists

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Student Assistants, 1966-1976

"The Tower" (newsletter), 1990-1996