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Quality Theological Education and Ministerial Formation

The Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology of Virginia Union University is a center of convergence where things come together: head and heart; preparation and praise; church and academy; pulpit and pew; scholarship and spirituality; reflection and action.  In this place of intersection, minds are stretched excellence is pursued, gifts are cultivated and people are transformed.  In an environment that creates family and affirms the intrinsic worth of all, we educate in a manner that fosters a commitment to life-long learning, genuine service, and holistic liberation.  We strive to send forth capable and empowered persons who have been inspired by both the acquisition of academic knowledge and skills and a renewed sense of self and spirit.  While celebrating our heritage and culture, we seek to serve the world and while honoring traditions, we encourage creativity and unfettered imagination.  At STVU, we worship authentically, study diligently, practice faithfully and dream deeply.

As a center of excellence we strive to be faithful to our mission and purpose and our entire community assesses regularly the quality and character of our educational ministry.  All programs have established learning outcomes that are reviewed through varied assessment instruments which measure and shape the delivery and quality of the learning experience at STVU.

In the past five years our retention rate has ranged from 94.5% - 99.5% with a current rate of 95.81%.  Within a three year period 91.1% of our enrollees earn the M.Div degree.  Students express a high level of satisfaction with instruction, services, spiritual formation, and the community life.  Three areas of significant development among students are noted: interpretation and application of scripture, critical/public theological thinking, and conduct of worship/ liturgical practice.  As our students graduate, 83.5% of them have employment in some expression of ministry.

Engaging in the theological enterprise at STVU is exciting and challenging and your presence and participation in our community of reverent scholars is welcomed.


John W. Kinney, Dean
Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology 
Virginia Union University