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Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Theology

Student Health Center

The University maintains a basic health care service for the treatment of minor illnesses, accidents, and injuries. Health supervision and medical care are provided through a staff of a part-time physician and nurse.

Pre-entrance physical examinations are required of all students as part of the admissions process. Additionally, all students are required to participate in a University-sponsored accident insurance plan and a sickness insurance plan. Participation in the sickness insurance policy can be waived if the student claims coverage under a similar policy.

Neither dental examinations and treatments nor examination of the eyes for glasses is provided by the University. Students requiring these services are referred to the appropriate specialists, and the student is responsible for all expenses associated with such visits.


There is no fee for office visits provided at the Health Center, however the student is responsible for all laboratory tests, prescriptions, and health care services received off campus (major medical expenses for emergency visits, hospitalization, diagnostic test and referral to specialist).


The office provides treatment for acute illnesses such as strep throat, mononucleosis infections, tonsillitis, urinary tract infections, etc., blood pressure readings, referral assistance, laboratory tests (some are done on site and others are sent to an outside lab).

Services Covered:

Routine Medical Care
Follow-up Visits
Patient Health Education

Services Not Covered:

Physical Examination
Off-Campus Referrals
Laboratory Services