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The goal of the Ethics and Decision Making Workshops is to assist students in acquiring skills to make sound decisions that are congruent with their personal values, future goals and that match the values for the Office of Student Integrity and Conduct.

The Ethics and Decision Making workshops are designed to increase understanding of personal values and morals, provide appropriate support to students when making difficult decisions, prepare students to accept future challenges and increase the understanding of University conduct expectations.

This course is very dynamic and interactive and weaves technology, music and other mediums as a means to guide the learning process.

There are two workshop formats. There is a classroom format where OSIC educators visit classrooms upon the request of the professor. This format usually takes no more than 50 minutes and student participation is usually weaved into the grading system for that class. If you are interested in requesting a classroom visit, please click here

There is also a 90 minute workshop that is solely designed for students that have experienced the disciplinary process. These workshops take place on a monthly basis and are mandatory for all assigned students. Students are given an assigned date in which they need to attend. If you are unsure as to the date in which you assigned, please email now and obtain that information.