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News releases highlight upcoming events, programs, new course offerings, new services, partnerships and/or collaborative agreements, etc. If you have a story that you would like to share, please fill out the form below and submit it to the PR Office. Requests for news releases announcing events, or kick-offs, should be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the event.     Releases will be written and distributed to the media by the Public Relations Office. They will also be distributed via email to the University community and placed on the University website. The PR Office cannot guarantee placement of news releases in any media outlet.

The PR office also reserves the right to deem newsworthiness of information submitted and to determine whether or not a news release is warranted.


Please describe the topic of the requested news


Who does this involve and/or impact (i.e., students, prospects, staff, faculty, other groups)?


When (date/time) will or did this occur?


Why is this significant, news worthy or of interest?

Other comments or notes for consideration?


FOR EVENTS: Is media coverage requested?

FOR EVENTS: Is campus photography requested?