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Parking Policy

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Passes will be available: Thursday, January 28, 2021

Traffic & Parking Guidelines

For the protection of Virginia Union University students, faculty, and staff, no parking is allowed at anytime, anywhere on campus, without a valid Virginia Union University registration permit, except by approved visitors or spaces otherwise designated for visitors.   Parking permits/decals are available for spring semester (September 2020 - May 2021). Parking restrictions may change throughout the year due to space availability, construction, or access; however, permit/decal subscribers will be notified (via email, and social media,) in the event of such changes.

Each parking subscriber will be issued (one) parking permit/decal and may only have (one) vehicle parked on the VUU property. A parking permit/decal guarantees spaces for Premium and Reserved spaces only.  The inability to find a legal parking space within a particular lot is not valid reason for parking in violation of any parking regulations.  Parking is on a first come/first serve basis.     

Faculty, staff, students and visitors are required to register a vehicle that will be parked on campus. Parking permits or passes may be requested by completing and submitting an online vehicle registration form and are not transferable from person to person.   Each parking subscriber will be issued (one) parking permit/decal and may have only (one) vehicle parked on VUU property. We will be enforcing the requirement for all registered students to register their vehicles if they wish to drive on campus.

Steps to Accessing Parking Passes/Decals

  • Log In for Online Application:
  • Receive email confirmation for the Police Department
  • Fees or Payments: Cashier’s Office Second floor of C.D. King Building $100 or $150 if applicable by appointment only.  You may apply by going to VUU homepage ( ), click on Pay Bill in the quick links, scroll down to parking and select Parking Reserved or Parking Premium option to receive a reserved parking permit/hang tag.
  • Campus Police will confirm and assign space and will contact the subscriber for pick up procedures to receive permit/hanging tag.

After completing the Online Parking Permit Form, Parking permit procedures will be emailed once the permit has been assigned. Notifications for pick up will be conducted by phone and email to confirm assigned permit/hang tag.  Assigned permits will be available for pick up at Pickford Hall from Campus Police, during business hours, Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

In order to be eligible for university parking privileges, a community member must:

  • Have no outstanding university parking penalties or unpaid violations and
  • Own a current/valid VUU ID card.

Permit Costs

Free Lots by Category, all vehicles must be registered with VUU Police

  • Residential student: Henderson Hall Lot, Storer Hall, Lot, Lot across from Newman and Barcos Stevens are free available as first come first serve parking for students.
  • CAHN Personnel:  Parking is located in lot adjacent to Hartshorn Hall with designated signage.
  • Graduate and Commuter student: Hovey Field and/or Presidential Lot, is Free with a decal. No overnight parking in the Presidential lot.
  • Faculty and Staff: Hovey Field Lot is Free with Registration.
  • Approved Guest(s): Can receive one-day parking pass from the security booth – no overnight parking available. The guest pass must be approved by Campus Police and visible located in the front driver side window dash.

Paid Parking, on-campus for $100-$150

  • Faculty and Staff Premium Reserved: On-Campus $150 The spaces are designated by numbers or placards with titles or office
  • Faculty, Staff, and Student Reserved: On-Campus $100 (R) Note: These spaces are behind the university gates.

Notice: Permits stolen while on the VUU Campus must be reported to VUU Police

Permit Categories/Details

Reserved Parking

Definition:  VUU Reserved Parking spaces are restricted parking spaces reserved for paid subscribers and designated by lot location. (See Parking locations/Designations below.) They are open spaces with no parking placards and plates.

Cost: $100

You may apply pay $100  by going to VUU  homepage ( ), Click on Pay Bill in the quick links, scroll down to parking and select Parking Reserved option to receive a reserved parking permit/tag.

Reserved Parking - Handicap

Definition: State issued parking placards and plates for customers with temporary or permanent disabilities that limit or impair their mobility.

Cost: $0

On-campus parking available adjacent to buildings, vehicle and/or plate must be registered with Department of Motor Vehicles. You will need to complete the registration process, display your tag or plate, and decal for reserved parking.

For more information visit:

Premium Parking

Definition:  VUU Premium Parking spaces are restricted parking spaces designated by numbers or placards with titles or office that are assigned to and reserved for paid subscribers, faculty and staff only. If you have a Premium Reserved spot you must have permission from a Vice President or the President

Cost: $150

You may apply pay $150 by going to VUU  homepage ( ), Click on Pay Bill in the quick links, scroll down to parking and select Parking Premium option to receive a premium parking permit/decal.. The cost is $150. Only faculty and staff are allowed to park in premium spaces, the vehicle must be registered with Campus Police.

Off-Campus Affiliated Parking

Definition: Students living at off-campus affiliated housing complexes, which include: The Birches, College Park, The James, or The Spectrum must contact the building manager of their complex facility and abide by their rules and guidelines.

Available Spaces: Vary, please see complex guidelines

Cost: Vary, please see complex guidelines

Parking Locations/Designations

  • Pickford Hall lot is restricted to police and designated officials only. (unavailable until further notice)
  • Wilder Library is considered on-campus parking and it is designated for reserved ($100)
  • Hovey Field is open to faculty, staff, and graduate/commuter students, but vehicles must be registered and decal must be displayed.
  • President’s Parking (paved lot by Hovey Field), is restricted for graduate and commuter students (there is no overnight parking).

Parking Permit/Hang Tag Display

  • Permit/hang tag must be displayed from rearview mirror so that they are clearly visible or on the driver side dashboard.
  • VUU parking permits/hang tags are required at all times and at all parking facilities. Failure to display a VUU permit/hang tag may result in a driver not being able to access campus, parking citation/fine or vehicle tow.
  • Parking permits/hang tags are valid through June 30, 2021.

Parking Policy Violations

  • Permit/hang tag subscribers should familiarize themselves with all regulations. Citations and fines are issued for the following violations:
    • Failure to display or improperly displaying valid permit/hang tag.
    • Blocking driveways, roadways or sidewalks.
    • Occupying more than (one) space.
    • Parking in improper space for issued permit/hang tag.
    • Failure to comply with university official(s).
    • Altering, forging, copying, or falsely acquiring a permit/decal or parking pass may result in a penalty of up to $500. Violators will be automatically towed; parking privileges will be suspended and the parking permit will be removed from the vehicle.
  • Virginia Union University does not assume responsibility for any vehicle or its contents while parked on university property. The university does not assume responsibility for damage to vehicles that are immobilized or towed. If a vehicle is damaged while parked in a VUU facility, VUUPD must be contacted before leaving the premises.
  • Drivers are responsible for finding an authorized parking space. Perceived lack of available space, mechanical problems, or other factors do not justify parking violations.

Visitors Parking

Approved guest/visitor parking is available.  Approved guest/visitors must check-in at the security booth located on Graham Road before entering on campus and must be approved as a guest or visitor in order to receive a temporary parking pass.  No approved guest parking allowed after normal business hours which is (9:00am to 5:00pm) unless approved by the Chief of Police or her designee.

Disabled Vehicles

Disabled vehicles must be reported to Campus Police and subscriber must obtain a disabled pass from the Traffic & Parking Administration Office.  This will allow temporary parking for no longer than 5 days.  A vehicle may not be left with notes on windshields or simply parked where the vehicle breaks down or maybe towed at the owner’s expense.

Rideshare and Food Delivery

Designated locations for all ride hail pick-up, drop-off, food or grocery deliveries (i.e. Uber Eats/ Grub hub) will be at the security booth located at the Graham Road Entrance.  This decision was in direct response to the safety and well-being of students, faculty and staff during this pandemic.  All students, faculty or staff will be required to meet their ride hail at a designated parking area near the Police Security booth location for pick up or drop off. No food or items can be accepted at the booth.

Lost or Stolen Permits

If your permit has been stolen or lost, contact VUU Police to report the incident.

Permits and Special Events

Commuter lots around campus, especially those closer to Hovey Field are used during special events such as (basketball and football games). Barricades, roped-off areas, and signs indicating parking for special events take precedence over general parking assignments.  The university reserves the right to modify or add to parking regulations at any time.

Special Request

Please email to make arrangements if you need to leave your vehicle on campus grounds temporarily.

Appeals Process:

To appeal a citation, you must submit the form below within (10) days of issuance.  No appeal will be accepted if submitted after the (10) days of issuance.

You may submit an appeal by completing the form at

Traffic & Parking Regulations

  • The speed limit for all campus roadways is 15 mph unless specifically posed otherwise at a given location.
  • Any accident on the campus involving motor vehicle must be reported to the campus police immediately, regardless of the extent of damages involved.
  • Any accident involving university owned vehicles must be reported to campus police immediately.
  • Double parking or obstructing drives, walkways, doors, or other vehicles is prohibited.
  • Parking in a fire lane or within 15 feet of a fire hydrant is prohibited.
  • Parking or driving on curbs, lawns, landscaped areas, or walkways is prohibited.
  • Penalties for violations including ticketing and fines, towing, revocation of parking privileges, and disciplinary action. Fines for citations by students are automatically billed to Students Accounts if not paid or appealed within 10 days from the date of issuance.