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Hezekiah Walker Center for Gospel Music

Award-winning gospel artist Bishop Hezekiah Walker is the visionary founder of the new Hezekiah Walker Center for Gospel Music at Virginia Union University. The center will offer academic programs through VUU’s Fine Arts department and originate theatre productions and record live gospel albums with students, alumni, and the community for public release.

Gospel Music Industry Essentials Master Course


Bishop Hezekiah Walker 

Ted Winn

Donald Lawrence 

Description: The Gospel Music Industry Essentials Master Course is an introduction to the many facets necessary to catapult your career in the gospel music industry. This virtual master class will begin to prepare you for key components such as pursuing a music career, artist development, and songwriting as well as producing and publishing.

Virtual Session

Date: Saturday, December 4, 2021

Time: 8:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Registration Fee: $199

Mission Statement

Herewith being set aside for excellence in the arts, The Hezekiah Walker Center for Gospel Music at Virginia Union University has accepted the commission of utilizing every facet of the sacred arts that has been endowed upon us, as a reflection of our African Heritage and the preservation of Gospel Culture.


The primary purpose is for all areas of sacred arts components to work cohesively to blend our vast areas of ability and excellence in the knowledge of the arts. The Hezekiah Walker Center for Gospel Music will work to preserve gospel music culture through the study of sacred arts and how it relates to African heritage. Students will explore music and worship traditions that promote understanding of biblical texts in faith building. This program is an extension of Bishop Walker’s mantra, “And Because God is the greatest power, we will not be defeated!”


Through the Hezekiah Walker Center for Gospel Music at Virginia Union University, a series of live albums will be recorded and released under the direction of Bishop Walker and Elder David Bratton, assistant professor of music at VUU and award-winning gospel artist and writer of Walker’s platinum-selling song, “Every Praise.” The first recording will occur in October 2020 during VUU’s Homecoming Like No Other (HLNO) where university choir members, students, and alumni are encouraged to participate. The Center will also support VUU through the production of theatre productions and live concerts.