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Virginia Union University® provides learners with access to world-class lectures on a diverse range of topics and disciplines vital to our world today taught by distinguished thought leaders across multiple industries. 

Virginia Union University is a premier liberal arts urban institution of higher education and center of excellence for the preparation of students and the development of leaders for tomorrow’s world. It was founded in 1865 to give newly emancipated slaves an opportunity for education and advancement. Virginia Union University offers a broad range of educational opportunities that advance liberal arts education, teaching, research, science, technology, continuing education, civic engagement, and international experiences.

Evelyn Reid Syphax School of Education

Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology

School of Arts and Sciences

​Graduate, Global Campus & Professional Education

Sydney Lewis School of Business

School of Latin American & Carribean Studies / Universidad

University College

Student Center

The Thomas H. Henderson Student Center is the facility, which houses both student space and administrative offices. As the hub of student activity outside the classroom and residence halls, the Student Center houses student space includes the Student Activity Center, Student Government Association Office, the Panther Grille, multi-purpose rooms 10-12, a conference room, the student dining hall, and a snack bar. Administrative spaces housed in the student center include the Post Office, Student Development and Success, Admissions, Workforce Development and Training, Health Services, Counseling Services, Greek Life, Residence Life, Student Engagement & Leadership, and Thompson Hospitality.

Registered Student Organizations

The University expects student organizations to educate, develop, serve, collaborate with and program for the Virginia Union University community of students, faculty and staff. It is the responsibility of the student organizations to coordinate well-rounded activities and programs that meet these expectations. Student organization members are also expected to participate in leadership initiatives to develop leadership skills, encourage collaboration building and resource utilization. All registered student organizations (RSO) have been determined to meet an articulated need of VUU students and acknowledges the need to be in line with the mission of the University.

A new organization seeking registration must complete the required process outlined within the Student Organization Handbook. Organizations committed to deepening the religious faith of students within the context of denominational or interdenominational groupings, or of promoting national cultural traditions, must write a written proposal for review by the office of Campus Ministries. Use of University facilities and other services are available only to registered student organizations. The Office of Student Engagement is responsible for registration of all student organizations, confirming advisors, reviewing and recommending policies governing student organizations and providing an array of programs, workshops and activities for students. Students who wish to initiate a new student organization, or join an existing one may contact the Director of Student Engagement and/or an existing organization’s president and/or advisor.

Students are encouraged to study carefully an organization’s mission and guidelines for membership. Membership requirements are not the same for all organizations. Membership and leadership in student organizations support the academic mission of the University. Such activities enrich the academic, cultural, emotional, physical, and spiritual experiences of students. Specific information about governance and student organizations can be found in the Student Organization Handbook. Contact the Office of Student Engagement for additional information about the Student Organization Handbook.

Greek Life at Union

Organization   Symbol  Chapter   Chapter symbol 
Alpha Kappa Alpha   ΑΚΑ  Alpha Eta   AH
Alpha Phi Alpha   ΑΦΑ  Gamma   Γ
Delta Sigma Theta   ΔΣΘ  Beta Epsilon   BE
Kappa Alpha Psi   ΚΑΨ  Alpha Gamma   ΑΓ
Omega Psi Phi   ΩΨΦ  Zeta   Z
Phi Beta Sigma   ΦΒΣ  Lambda   Λ
  Sigma Gamma Rho     ΣΓΡ  Tau   T
Zeta Phi Beta   ΖΦΒ  Nu   N
Iota Phi Theta   ΙΦΘ  Theta Omicron   ΘΟ

Greek Life at Virginia Union University® is dedicated to the intellectual and personal development of students through membership in Greek Lettered Organizations. We encourage all members of the university community to avail themselves of the scholarship, leadership, brotherhood/sisterhood, and philanthropic opportunities of fraternity and sorority membership. In doing so, we strive to complement the mission of the University and produce men and women of competence and maturity who will contribute to the world in which they live. For more information regarding the individual chapter, contact the Office of Student Engagement. All students interested in joining a Greek Lettered Organization must attend a mandatory session prior to engaging in the Membership Intake Process. Students with questions pertaining to requirements for membership should contact the Office of Student Engagement.

Sorority and Fraternity Plots

Placement of Sorority and Fraternity Plots shall be limited to one area for each organization. Structures may not be placed on campus that exceeds guidelines set forth by the Office of Student Engagement

Undergraduate Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the governing body of undergraduate students enrolled at Virginia Union University. The focus of SGA is the unification of the student body through self-governance. Optimal student participation and cooperation with faculty, staff, and administration in matters pertaining to the welfare of the students is encouraged. The Student Government Association represents student interests and concerns by securing active roles in influencing policies and procedures that impact the student body. Students enrolled in the University are automatically members of the Student Government Association (SGA).

Each student interested in becoming an SGA officer will be required to participate in the Leadership Development Program prior to elections. The business of the SGA is carried out by the Student Senate, which is composed of officers elected by the student body and representatives from each class. SGA general body meetings are held monthly from September to April (except in December). Student Senate and Executive Board meetings are held at least once a month or at the discretion of the members. The Student Government Association should be advised of all student concerns and suggestions through VUU email and/or direct meetings with an SGA Officer(s). Upon receipt of the complaint, it will be reviewed by the SGA Executive committee, and as appropriate, forwarded to the VUU administration.

Graduate Student Council

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) of Virginia Union University is the governing student body for VUU graduate students. The primary aims of the GSC are to foster a sense of community among graduate students across departments, to facilitate collective action on graduate student-related issues, and to be a voice for the graduate community within the University and the Richmond area. We also provide events and resources to support the academic, social and professional lives of VUU graduate students.