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Workforce Development & Training

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Greetings VUU Faculty and Staff,

As the semester begins, the Office of Workforce Development and Training is continuing to plan for the Fall semester and want to exhaust all opportunity for our students – both new and returning. In an effort to provide internships as well as support to the campus community, please take the time to complete the  Fall 2021 Workforce Development and Training Intern Request Form . If you have completed the form, please disregard this email and look for upcoming information about orientation and  intern placement early next month.

Our mission is to provide students with meaningful work opportunities that will allow them to better serve the community, while developing the necessary skills, habits, and experiences to be competitive in the global job market.    

To that end, at the completion of a student’s placement, we want to ensure that our VUU students are well on their way to:    

  • Developing strong interpersonal communication, critical thinking, curiosity, creativity, and collaboration skills 
  • Becoming goal oriented with strong work ethics (internal or external internships) that can lead to employment or postgraduate admission

Once the survey has been completed,  you will receive a follow up email with program updates and expectations. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office, specifically our Internship Coordinator Chelsea Bradshaw (  


Thank you for being a valued part of our VUU Community, 


Chelsea E. Bradshaw, MPH

Internship Coordinator, Workforce Development and Training