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VUU Internship Program provides students meaningful work opportunities that develop the necessary skills, habits, and experiences for students to be competitive in the global job market while also establishing VUU as the region’s premier workforce pipeline.

VUU students are offered services such as internship inquiry assistance, resume building and feedback and professional development sessions focused on the 5 Cs of career readiness: Creativity, Curiosity, Communication, Collaboration and Critical Thinking. In addition, our program offers qualified students a tuition reduction program designed to help reduce student debt, as well as enhance the employability of students through internal or external placements.

We are excited to offer a program that will allow students to become goal oriented with strong work ethics (internal or external internships) that can lead to full time opportunities.    To confirm qualification please contact the Office of Financial Aid at (804) 257-5882. All awardees are required to complete a registration process to become orientated into the program. Students will receive an invite to register in their VUU email account. 

Workforce Development and Training, is responsible for compiling both on-campus and off-campus internship placement sites for eligible students.  Essential to the effectiveness of our program is making sure that there is a mutual interest between the student, and the internship supervisor.  The interview is our strategy for maximizing effective placement for all students. Students will be  contact by phone and email regarding your interview steps.

After a mutual placement agreement, please be prepared to discuss with the internship supervisor the details and expectations of the internship. Students complete no more than  20  hours per work. 

Program Faculty

Chelsea E. Bradshaw
Internship Coordinator
(804) 257-5888
@vuu_internships #seetheIC