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Academic Advising

Academic advisement is a developmental and decision making process, which assists the student in the clarification of their academic, life, and career goals. The advising process is ongoing, multifaceted, and in partnership with the student, faculty, and administration. Academic advising, if effectively delivered, can be a powerful influence on student development, learning, matriculation, and retention leading to graduation.

What is the Role of the Advisee? – Student Responsibilities:

  • Keep in touch with your advisor during the semester.
  • Meet with your advisor at least two times a semester.
  • Keep your appointments and be on time.
  • Be prepared and bring your up-to-date graduation worksheet.
  • Expect to discuss your progress.
  • Ask questions and share ideas and concerns.
  • Know your degree requirements.
  • Inform your advisor of any changes in plans that might impact academic
  • performance.
  • Maintain academic standard(s) for matriculation leading to graduation.
  • Follow through on actions identified during the advising session.
  • Consult with your advisor when you are having academic difficulties.
  • Respond to any letters, e-mail, phone messages you receive from your advisor in a
  • timely manner.
  • Accept final responsibility for all decisions.

What is the Role of the Advisor? – Advisor Responsibilities:

  •  Keep all information regarding students’ personal records confidential.
  •  Maintain accessible office hours and keep appointments.
  •  Listen, show respect, and provide emotional support.
  •  Provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere during advising sessions.
  •  Be aware of campus resources and support services.
  •  Help students set appropriate and achievable academic and career goals.
  •  Keep students informed of university policies and programs.
  •  Follow through with any actions identified during the advising session.
  •  Make accurate referrals.
  •  Promptly respond to students’ letters, e-mails, and telephone messages.
  •  Maintain accurate records of all contracts and necessary documents.

For more information contact:

The Center for Student Success
Ellison Hall, Room 117
(804) 342-3885