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In collaboration with VUU administration, faculty, athletic staff, and other essential University Personnel, the Academic Coordinator for Student-Athletes and Transfer Students has the following responsibilities:

  1. Set up weekly meetings with all freshmen, new transfer students and student-athletes who are at risk (e.g. those with a GPA below 2.0; those with a marginal GPA near 2.00; or those who appear to need special attention in establishing good time management skills).  The advisor(s) will engage in such activities as:
    1. collecting syllabi for each student-athletes file;
    2. referring student-athletes to other academic services available on campus;
    3. addressing any difficulties with classes, such as missed time due to team trips, test scores, grade issues and options that may affect eligibility;
    4. learning about options open to the student-athletes regarding grades during the semester and in subsequent semesters (withdrawals, incompletes, etc.)
  2. Address other student learning needs as they arise and refer the student-athletes to appropriate sources of assistance.
  3. Act as a liaison for the department in creating a relationship with assigned major-specific academic advisors across campus.  The advisors will assist with the process of advising by encouraging student-athletes to meet with their appropriate major advisors.
    1. prepare the student-athletes for the advising process by providing information regarding the nature of classes, time and workload requirements, and registration work sheets;
    2. communicate with professors regarding any foreseeable problems created by team trips, etc. and make necessary adjustments to complete required administrative processes (e.g. registration, attendance at seminars);
    3. Communicate with advisor(s) regarding special requirements for respective majors, such as GPA, internship or other collateral work.

  1. Meet with graduating seniors to schedule a graduation degree check and to establish an expected date of graduation.

  1. Monitor progress towards the student-athlete’s graduation that extends beyond the post-eligibility time (either the fifth or sixth year).

  1. Make a concentrated effort to have student-athletes complete their degree requirements during the five-year window, as identified by the NCAA.

  1. Place Holds on all accounts to prevent student-athletes from dropping and/or withdrawing from courses, and/or falling below the specified credit hours.

  1. Understand the Drop/Add/Withdraw Period.

E. Lee Coble