Center for Small Business Development


Do you have a great idea for a small business and don’t know what to do first?  Are you operating a small business and need help?  Do you need to generate more customer traffic or cash flow in your small business? If you answered YES to any of these questions, the Center’s Entrepreneurship Seminar is what you need, and we provide it when you need it.

The Center’s professional staff, advisory board, and upper level students, with industry and governmental collaboration work to expand African American and other underrepresented populations-owned small businesses in the Richmond Metropolitan area.

We offer the following services:

  • Small Business Certification Program - provides technical knowledge to small business owners who need assistance in developing business plans and business financing/loan resources or who plan to submit bids to secure governmental contracts
  • Small Business Seminars - provide current information on topics and trends important to the small business owner
  • Internship Program - strengthens entrepreneurship education and practical learning experience by connecting students  with business owners and non-profit organizations. By combining entrepreneurship education with internship training, students are prepared for a future as entrepreneurs or for success in corporate America.

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"What a great opportunity for Richmond! As the former Mayor of Richmond and an alumnus, I am honored to support the Virginia Union University Center for Small Business Development at the Sydney Lewis School of Business.

The small business development initiatives that will be undertaken by the Center will give our citizens, aspiring entrepreneurs and the small business community a vehicle by which dreams can be realized as well as building viable and successful businesses in the RVA community.

Congratulations Virginia Union.  Thank you for supporting business development in the City of Richmond and making the aspirations of many become a reality.

 - Dwight C. Jones, Former Mayor of Richmond, Va