What is PantherQuest?

The Center for Undergraduate Research (CUR) PantherQuest program empowers students to engage in research or creative inquiry learning experiences. Each project shall be conducted as a team, including undergraduate student(s) and a project mentor. The PantherQuest team shall submit a project proposal to be reviewed by the CUR staff. Once approved, the team is expected to adhere to the project components and upon completion, submit a final paper and participate in CUR sponsored events.

What is considered a research or creative inquiry project?

A research or creative inquiry project:

  • Explores a problem or question;
  • Makes an original contribution to your discipline;
  • Involves any type of scholarly activity including, but not limited to, laboratory research, archival research, or developing an original theatrical production.

Who can initiate a PantherQuest?

Virginia Union University (VUU) undergraduate students from all disciplines/majors can engage in a PantherQuest. Additionally, any VUU faculty/staff member, alumnus, or community member interested in serving as a project mentor to VUU undergraduate students can propose a PantherQuest project.

How do I sign-up?

All students and project mentors interested in submitting a proposal should complete the PantherQuest proposal (see requirements below) and submit to CUR@vuu.edu using the subject line “PantherQuest Proposal”. The CUR office will review your submission and contact the Principal Investigator directly.

What should a PantherQuest proposal include?

  • The PantherQuest Application
  • A Project Outline: Defines the purpose, scope and activities integral to the project. Each outline should include the following:
  • Project Description: Discuss the project significance and potential impact to VUU and the broader academic community.

  • Literature Review: What are other scholars saying about your topic? How do you fit into this conversation?

  • Project goals, objectives, methodology: What question(s) are you trying to answer? What discovery are you trying to make? How do you plan to investigate/design?

  • Project Timeline: All projects must occur during the academic year.

  • Student/mentor agreement and evaluation mechanism.

What if I have an idea/research interest but not a full proposal?

No worries! Schedule a meeting with a member of the CUR team and we will work with you to develop your idea. Additionally, we can pair you with another student or mentor with similar research interest. Visit our PantherQuest Opportunities page for a list of research and creative inquiry activities.