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2016-2017 PantherQuest Opportunities

Promoting Sexual Health

Principle Investigator: Ms. Bethel Kebede 


Project Timeline: One academic year

Application Deadline: October 15, 2016

The public health sector of the health sciences has evolved over the years becoming one of the largest fields in healthcare and an essential element to maintaining the health of a population as a whole. The Promoting Sexual Health project is designed to expose VUU students to the public health sector through developing and implementing a health promotion and advocacy program.  The program aims to generate behavioral and social changes that directly reflect the sexual health of the broader campus community. Working closely with VCU’s Department of Family Medicine and Population Health as well as Richmond City Health District (RCHD), students will plan engaging informational programs, construct and administer surveys, collect and manage data, redesign instructional marketing materials and design social media campaigns.

How to Apply: 

​Interested students should e-mail a copy of their resume and a cover letter stating why they are interested in this particular project to Ms.Bethel Kebede at by October 15, 2016.

​STEM, Psychology and Social Work majors are strongly encouraged to apply! 

Environmental Ambassadors

Principle Investigator: Ms. Renesha Chiles


Project Timeline: One semester

Application Deadline: Open

The Environmental Ambassadors was established in order to increase student and community awareness of the local environment and encourage the study of ecology at Virginia Union University.  Students will gain a complete knowledge of natural resources, the role healthy resources may have on their communities, and the science behind it all. Environmental Ambassadors will connect their on campus initiatives (Monarch Way station and campus garden) with bigger environmental initiatives off campus.  Further students will engage in training and implementing skills in public natural habitats, water quality monitoring, soil testing, building raised garden beds and urban gardening.

How to Apply: 

Interested students should sign-up by visiting

VUU Speaks

Principle Investigator: Mr. George Johnson


Project Timeline: One semester

Application Deadline: March 20, 2017

The VUU Speaks is project is designed to encourage VUU undergraduate students to engage in a broader conversation regarding evoking change in the community and/or world.  Engaging in this project will inspire students to think critically about the issues in their local communities (or the world) and design a possible intervention. 

How to Apply: 

Interested students should submit a one minute video to the CUR ( or  In the video students should: 

  1. Identify a problem and/or challenge that they believe is very important to the future of our society.

    • Examples of such topics may include systemic racism, #BlackLivesMatter, poverty, understanding millennials, or the future of HBCUs.

  2. Provide one example on how this issue may be resolved.

All submissions are due by 12:00 PM on March 20, 2017.

​All videos will be uploaded via the CUR social media accounts.  The top five students with the most likes/views will present their ideas on stage during the CUR's VUU Speaks event on Tuesday April 4, 2017.