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The English Major

The Department of Languages and Literature at Virginia Union University emphasizes the importance of critical thinking, reading, and writing as a means of understanding the past, and to use this knowledge as part of a larger intellectual journey.  This journey, the making and transforming of the student’s mind, is the primary goal of a liberal arts education.

As an English major, critical thinking, reading, writing, research, speaking, and innovation are emphasized as fundamental skills.  The department teaches undergraduates to communicate clearly and effectively, and to read great literature with understanding and pleasure. In addition, all English majors will receive an excellent education in preparation for graduate school, corporate America, and service to the global community, Moreover, all majors will be required to to complete a senior thesis, internship, and mentoring. Furthermore, students will have study abroad opportunities through and World Languages area, which include minors in Spanish and French. The program offers courses in three categories:

Literature: Through reading, discussion, and written response to important works of literature, the student develops an appreciation for the beauty of writing by the world’s great authors and understands the importance of literary criticism of these works.

Language: Courses offered describe and explain the historical development of the English language and its structure in the 21st century. Linguistics and English language courses will introduce the student to works written in earlier forms.

Writing: Through reading, discussion, and the practice of form, the student learns to write both informative and creative prose and poetry. Courses such as Advanced Composition and Creative Writing are offered.

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