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The Natural Sciences play an increasingly important role in today’s world. Just consider the following issues that may each feature in our news headlines on any given day: Stem Cells, HIV/AIDS, Transgenic Crops, Climate Change, Species Extinction, Alternative Energy, Altzheimer’s Disease, Forensic Science, Animal Cloning, Bioinformatics, Cancer, Gene Therapy, Biological Weapons, Antibiotic Resistance, Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Nutrition, Exercise, The Human Genome Project, Evolution, Faith and Science,... and the list could be extended. Some of these issues may already affect you personally, while others may assert themselves in the near future, when friends or family members are affected, or when new legislation is enacted.

Rapid developments in the Natural Sciences create a wealth of new career opportunities, and generate the need for all of us to become better informed.

Our courses cover the full spectrum of current issues in the Natural Sciences. Each course incorporates the latest developments, and prepares students for the next step toward their educational or professional goal. Our team of dedicated faculty uses modern lecturing techniques, integrated laboratory exercises, exploratory assignments, and personal, one-on-one consultations to maximize learning outcome for each student. Our mission is to graduate informed citizens that can make responsible choices in their personal lives, and to prepare students for jobs that will shape the medical, technological, scientific, and educational developments of the future.




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