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The Chemistry major prepares students as professional chemists, for further training at the graduate level, for professional training in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and related health sciences, and provides research in chemical and environmental sciences. Students may also choose a track with a secondary education endorsement. Soon to be implemented is a dual degree program in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering that provides students with a B.S. degree in Chemistry from Virginia Union University and a B.S. Degree in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Commonwealth University. Students must earn a grade of ‘C’ or better in all discipline requirements, which include core courses and other requirements. 


General Education Courses (44 hrs)

The chemistry major requires 44 credit hours of general education courses including art, history, literature, foreign languages, African-American heritage, etc.

Required Science and Mathematics Courses (46 hrs)

CHE 101 General Chemistry I (4)
CHE 102 General Chemistry II (4)
CHE 201 Quantitative Analysis (4)
CHE 210 Organic Chemistry I (4)
CHE 211 Organic Chemistry II (4)
CHE 300 Biochemistry (4)
CHE 310 Physical Chemistry I (4)
CHE 311 Physical Chemistry II (4)
CHE 380 Inorganic Chemistry (3)
CHE 415 Advanced Organic Chemistry (3)
CHE 433 Quantitative Organic Analysis (4)
CHE 450 Senior Research Seminar (4)

Required Biology Courses (8 hrs)

BIO 111 General Biology I (4)
BIO 112 General Biology II (4)

Required Mathematics Courses (16 hrs)

MAT 175 Pre-Calculus with Trig. (4)
MAT 214 Analytic Geometry & Calculus I (4)
MAT 216 Analytical Geometry & Calculus II (4)

Required Physics Courses (8 hrs)

PHY 251 University Physics I (4)
PHY 252 University Physics II (4)

Total hours required for degree: 122



Dr. Karl Jackson 
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Dorothy Eseonu
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Rajendra Raval
Professor of Chemistry