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Environmental Science Courses

ECO 231 Principles of Economics (3 cr)

Provides instruction on basic topics in macroeconomics. Topics include supply and demand analysis, inflation, unemployment, national income determination, fiscal and monetary policy, and international economic issues.

GEO 203 Principles of Geography (3 cr)

Introduces students to the basic ideas and methods used in the study of the earth’s physical and cultural environment and human beings’ relation to it.

PSC 220 Introduction to Public Administration and Public Policy (3 cr)

An examination of the formulation and implementation of public policy and the principles and practices of the administration of government and public service organizations. Students apply modern theories of public policy to the study of bureaucracies, public budgeting, and management. Prerequisite: PSC 230. Offered annually, spring semester.

PSC 230 Introduction to American Government (3 cr)

An introduction to the structure, function, and powers of the national government within the framework of the Federal Constitution of the United States.

SOC 346 Cultural Anthropology (3 cr)

Study of varied values and behavioral practices that societies around the world have fashioned in attempting to deal with common human problems. Attention is given to the methods of anthropological investigation, kinship, subsistence techniques, methods of social control, and cultural change. Offered spring semester.

SOC 358 and PSC 431 Issues in the Urban Environment (3 cr)

A broad overview of the nature and basic elements of the urban community. Emphasis is placed on major urban issues, and perspectives, and techniques of various urban disciplines. Field trips to urban institutions may be required. Offered fall semester.