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Natural Science Major
with a Minor in Computer Science

The major in Natural Science is intended for the science-oriented student who wishes to acquire a broad background in the fundamentals of science and mathematics while concentrating in one of the specific disciplines. The program is particularly well-suited for students who desire preparation for graduate work or careers in interdisciplinary science such as bioinformatics, biostatistics and biophysics, as well as for students who are interested in careers as scientific/technical librarians or in business in a science-oriented industry.


General Education Courses (49-50 hrs)

Required Biology Courses (13 hrs)
BIO 111 General Biology I (4)
BIO 112 General Biology II (4)
BIO 115 Writing in the Sciences (1)
BIO 213 General Genetics (4)

Required Chemistry Courses (8 hrs)
CHE 101 General Chemistry I (4)
CHE 102 General Chemistry II (4)

Required Mathematic Courses (18hrs)
MAT 170 Pre-Calculus (4)*
MAT 175 Pre-calculus with Trigonometry (4)
MAT 201 Statistics (3)*
MAT 214 Analytical Geometry & Calculus (4)
MAT 315 Discrete Mathematics (3))

Required Physics Courses (12 hrs)
SCI 151 Introduction to Physical Science (4)*
PHY 221 College Physics I (4)
PHY 222 College Physics II (4)

Required Natural Science Course (3 hrs)
NSC 290 African American Perspectives in Science (3)*

Required Computer Science Courses (18 hrs)

CSC 200 Introduction to Computer Science (3)
CSC 201 Programming I (3)
CSC 202 Programming II (3)
CSC 205 Application Design I (3)
CSC 305 Application Design II (3)
CSC 310 Data Structures (3)

Restricted Elective Courses (9-11 hrs)

*Note: Courses marked with an asterisk are part of the General Education Core Curriculum.

Total hours required for degree: 123