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Physics Courses

PHY 221-222 College Physics (3 cr each semester)

A non-calculus based course of General Physics for biology majors, covering mechanics, heat, sound, electricity and magnetism, and elements of atomic and nuclear physics. Three hours lecture and three hours laboratory weekly. Prerequisite: MAT 161S.

PHY 251-252 University Physics (4 cr each semester)

A calculus-based course of classical physics with elements of modern physics for mathematics and science majors. It covers mechanics, coustics, thermodynamics, kinetic theory of gases, electrodynamics, atomic and nuclear physics. Three hours lecture and three hours laboratory weekly. Prerequisite: MAT 214 (may be taken concurrently).

PHY 305 Modern Physics (3 cr)

Foundation of modern physics, including theory of relativity, quantization of matter and energy, introduction to quantum mechanics and its application to the explanation of properties of atoms, nuclei, and crystals. Three hours lecture.

Prerequisites: PHY 222 or 252, MAT 216.

PHY 315 Mechanics (3 cr)

Systematic presentation of elements of classical mechanics, including dynamics of particles and rigid bodies, introduction to moving coordinate systems and Lagrange’s and Hamilton ion method. Prerequisites: PHY 251, MAT 214. Three hours lecture weekly.

PHY 320 Electricity & Magnetism (3 cr)

A study of Maxwell’s equations and their application to topics in electrostatics and electrodynamics, including electromagnetic waves in vacuum and solid medium. Prerequisites: PHY 252 or 222, MAT 216. Three hours lecture weekly.

PHY 325 Electronics (3 cr)

An introduction of basic electronics and instrumentation for Electrical Engineers and Physics majors. This lab/lecture course includes study of AC and DC circuits, diodes, rectifiers, transistors and operational amplifiers. Prerequisites: PHY 252 or 222. Two hours lecture and three hours laboratory weekly.

PHY 330 Thermodynamics (3 cr)

A study of the fundamental concepts of thermodynamics, including temperature, entropy, internal energy, thermodynamic potential, laws of thermodynamics and their consequences, and thermodynamics of irreversible process. Prerequisites: PHY 252, MAT 322. Three hours lecture weekly.

PHY 405 Quantum Mechanics (3 cr)

Introduction to quantum formalism, Schrodinger equation for a variety of potentials, simple harmonic oscillator, angular momentum, the hydrogen atom and application to nuclear physics. Prerequisites: PHY 305, MAT 322. Three hours lecture weekly.

PHY 411-412 Advanced Laboratory I & II (2 cr)

A variety of experiments in diverse areas of Modern and classical physics, emphasizing independent work. These experiments develop the fundamental skill needed for a physicist and engineer. Prerequisites: PHY 222 or PHY 252. Four hours laboratory weekly.

PHY 481-482 Research in Physics (2 - 4cr)

Individual research and scholarly investigation under the supervision of a physics faculty. A written report and oral presentation are required after the completion of the course. Prerequisite: permission of the department. Four to eight hours weekly.

PHY 491-492 Physics and Engineering Seminar (1 cr)

A required seminar course for junior and senior pre-engineering and physics majors. Each student presents an oral and written presentation on a topic in physics or engineering in his or her senior year.