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Pre-Med/ Pre-Allied Health

The Pre-Med / Pre-Allied Health curriculum is a Biology Major curriculum with more rigor; additional courses in specialty fields of the Life Sciences are required or recommended as electives.


In addition to the courses of the Biology Major, the following courses should be taken (note, these courses replace the Biology Elective Courses of the Biology Major):

BIO 324 Principles of Physiology (4)

BIO 321 Histology or  BIO 401 Parasitology (4)
BIO 406 Vertebrate Embryology (4)


The following courses replace CHE 433 and Electives as required in the Chemistry Major:

BIO 201 Microbiology (4)
BIO 213 Genetics (4)
BIO 315 Cell Biology (4)

Medical Research opportunities for Pre-Med and Pre-Allied Health VUU students

The Virginia-Nebraska Alliance

Members of the Virginia-Nebraska Alliance encourage minority students to pursue careers in the health professions. The Alliance provides Summer Research Internships at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Consider the following Allied Health Professions:

-Athletic training



-Biomedical science

-Cardiovascular technologists



-Dental auxiliary (dental assistants, dental therapists, dental hygienists, dental technicians, denturists)

-Diagnostic medical sonography

-Emergency medical technician and paramedic

-Exercise physiology

-Hemodialysis technicians


-Massage therapy

-Medical assistants

-Medical laboratory technicians

-Medical Dosimetry (Dosimetrists-Radiation Therapy planning & dosage calculation)

-Medical physics

-Medical technologist

-Medical transcription


-Nuclear medicine technology

-Nutrition and dietetics

-Occupational therapy


-Orthotics and prosthetics

-Orthopaedic technologist


-Physical therapy and physiotherapy



-Public health

-Radiation therapy


-Radiologic technologist

-Recreational therapy

-Respiratory therapy

-Speech-Language Pathology

-Social work


-Venipuncture (phlebotomy)