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Karl T. Jackson, Ph. D. - Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Virginia Commonwealth University
Microporous Porous Inorganic/Organic/Hybrid Structures. Spectroscopy in Environmental Chemistry | (804)257-5830/ Ellison Hall 220

Ahkinyala Cobb-Abdullah, Ph.D - Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Ecology | 220-A Ellison Hall

Dorothy N. Eseonu, Ph.D. - Professor of Organic Chemistry
Virginia Commonwealth University
Organic Chemistry | (804)257-5615 | 322 Ellison Hall

Shaheen Islam, Ph.D. - Professor of Physics
The University of Notre Dame
Semiconductor alloys, magnetic material, biological material, catalyst and environmental science | (804)257-5661 | 104-A Ellison Hall

Anthony C. Madu, Ph.D. - Professor of Genetics
Meharry Medical College
Molecular regulation of antibiotic biosythesis | (804)257-5614 | 200 Ellison Hall

Gerard McShepard, Ph.D. - Interin Dean, School of Arts and Sciences and Associate Professor of Biology
Tennessee State University
Neuroscience | (804)257-5624 | 220-B Ellison Hall

Francis Mensah, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of Physics
Howard University
Applied Laser Physics | 220-E Ellison Hall

Shyamal Premaratne, M.D., Ph.D. - Associate Professor of Biology
North Colombo Medical School (Sri Lanka), The University of Hawaii
The molecular basis of metabolic disease | 220-D Ellison Hall

Vernon Ruffin, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Biology | (804) 257-5692 | 321 Ellison Hall

Rik van Antwerpen, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of Cell Biology
The University of Utrecht (The Netherlands)
The role of plasma lipoproteins in cardiovascular disease | (804)257-5612 | 222 Ellison Hall

Narbe Kalantarians, Ph.D - Assisatnt Professor of Physics | (804)257-5617 | 323 Ellison Hall

Perjah Johnson, B.S., '16 - Administrative Assistant | 220 Ellison Hall