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The mission of the Department of Natural Sciences is to prepare future generations of scientists for admission into graduate school, professional school, or for joining the workforce in academia, government, or industry. Since its inception, the department has been successful in producing competitive students to meet the challenges of a dynamic and changing global society. The department continuously seeks to enhance its programs by reevaluating and updating its curricula, supporting student research, and enriching programs by obtaining grants and extramural sources of funding. Students in the department have the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, Chemistry, or Natural Science. For those preparing for a career in public education, a secondary education endorsement in Biology or Chemistry for 6 - 12 licensure is available in collaboration with the School of Education and Interdisciplinary Studies. In addition, an Interdisciplinary Studies major, with concentrations in Biology is available for K - 6 licensure in the School of Education and Interdisciplinary Studies. The objectives of the department, therefore, are to: acquaint the student with the basic concepts and principles of science; develop in each student a functional understanding and appreciation of the methods of science; develop in each student an appreciation of the vastness, grandeur, and complexity of the universe; sensitize the student to problems resulting from the enormous potential of scientific endeavors; and give department majors such functional information, understanding and skills as will serve as a basis for teaching, research, advanced academic work, or other professional pursuit.