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School of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Ted Ritter is the new Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences at Virginia Union University. As a faculty member, Ritter has chaired the Department of History and Political Science; the Department of Languages and Literature; and the Department of Fine Arts. He also has assisted in drafting proposals for new academic programs including stand-alone majors in Political Science and History as well as a Masters in Political Science. Read More


The School of Arts and Sciences provides students with a broad liberal arts education, an environment for personal growth, and strong preparation in the chosen major. This combination prepares students to pursue graduate studies and to become highly competitive professionals and leaders in their communities. Our curriculum integrates understanding and celebration of African-American heritage while responding to the needs of the global 21st century society.


The major goals of the School of Arts and Sciences are to:

1.) Provide students experiences that enable them to face the opportunities and challenges of today’s changing world. 

2.) Prepare students to apply critical thinking skills in the classroom so they will be prepared to think, act, and relate to others in the larger contexts of the community, the nation, and the world. 

3.) Provide excellence in teaching and programming through a continuous improvement process that focuses on providing the best educational experiences for our students.

4.) Help students to explore future goals and opportunities for employment, careers, continued education, and graduate school.

Majors & Minors



  • English
  • Fine Arts
  • French
  • History
  • Music
  • Political Science
  • Religious Studies
  • Sociology
  • Spanish


Scholarships are available in Languages and Literature from the Kennedy Foundation for the Arts, and in Political Science from the Julian Bond Foundation. Please see your academic advisor for specific requirements to apply for these scholarships.

The George Powell Scholarship for Academic Achievement in the Sciences or Mathematics- Established by Dr. Angela T. Powell, Class of 1985 in honor of her father, who attended and taught at VUU for a junior or senior student majoring in biology, chemistry, natural science or math to help defray the cost of applying to professional school

Virginia Union’s Community, Culture, Research Scholarship (CCR Scholars). A scholarship offered to academically talented students with financial need pursuing bachelor of science degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Natural Sciences. Click here to apply.

MSEIP Critical Thinking Through Technology

The Minority Science and Engineering Improvement Program (MSEIP) project addresses the growing shortage of qualified and competent STEM majors by strengthening course curricula through the infusion of critical thinking through technology (CTTT).  Virginia Union University, like partnering institutions, serves large minority and underrepresented populations.  The majority of students from VUU and the partnering institutions come from socially, economically, culturally and academic disadvantaged backgrounds, and qualify for the Pell Grant and other financial assistance.  Minorities, as well known from current statistics, represent only a minute fraction of the sparse population of qualified scientists, engineers, doctors, etc. in our country.  Thus, the STEM programs at VUU and these institutions provide a national advantage to potential STEM majors through easy accessibility and other similar factors.  Through the MSEIP grant, faculty participants in the workshops were able to develop resource manuals for their courses that utilized critical thinking and teaching methodology to address the critical thinking abilities of the STEM students at VUU.