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Department of Social Work and Sociology

Welcome to the Virginia Union University Social Work Program!  We are the only social work program in Virginia offering a Bachelor of Social Work at an private, faith-based HBCU.  We offer small class sizes and direct, quality relationships with your faculty.  

The mission of the VUU Department of Social Work is to produce generalist social work practitioners who have professional experience and academic training in social justice and discrimination, and who are competent in working with at-risk populations. Graduates will have client advocacy skills, a strong sense of self, adaptability and a sense of responsibility for their profession. Throughout the curriculum, the Department prepares students for professional employment and graduate study in social work.

The VUU Social Work Program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) and is scheduled for re-affirmation in 2019.

Students who receive a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) from VUU are expected to:

  1. Demonstrate competence in social work practice with individuals, families, groups and communities;
  2. Utilize current social work knowledge in making responsible decision based on self-awareness and knowledge of the values and ethics of the profession;
  3. Demonstrate an ability to apply knowledge of social policy formulation in advocating for desired social change;
  4. Understand and be able to work with clients from different racial, cultural, ethnic, sexual and religious backgrounds, and be able to combat the effects of social inequalities;
  5. Be able to evaluate one’s own practice;
  6. Be prepared to pursue graduate education.

The Department also offers a Social Work Minor Degree, and a Sociology Minor Degree.  See the links below.  Sociology courses include: Principles of Sociology, Social Problems, Race Relations, and Development of Social Thought.  

To contact the Department Chairperson:

Vernita A. Elliott, EdD, MSW

Chair, Associate Professor of Social Work

Office:  Martin E. Gray, 217

Office Phone:  804-257-5769

VUU Social Work Curriculum

  • Social Work Minor Degree

  • Sociology Minor Degree

Field Education

Student Organizations

Application to the Social Work Program


CSWE Accreditation: What does it mean?

Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes (CSWE)