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Fine Arts Department

The mission of the Fine Arts Department is to:

  • Bring student, faculty and community together in educational activities that promote and enhance careers in visual arts, music, and theatre.
  • Prepare, nurture and develop maximal professional levels of artist accomplishment in an atmosphere that encourages students to pursue long-term personal and professional goals.

Purpose and description of Degree Program: 

As a newly reinstated department, since 2011, the Fine Arts Department is made up of three areas: music, theatre, and visual art.Students in this program will earn 122-126 credits to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree. This program offers a unique dual concentration where a student can have a primary concentration in one area and secondary concentration in another area.

  • Visual Arts/Theatre
  • Visual Arts/Music
  • Music/Visual Arts
  • Music Theatre
  • Theatre/ Visual Arts
  • Theatre/Music