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History Course Descriptions

HIS 145 World Civilizations I (3 cr.) 
The historical development of world cultures, including the ancient Near East, the Far East, Greece, Rome, Africa, and Europe, up to the 16th century.

HIS 146 World Civilizations II (3 cr.) 
The development of world cultures and history from the 16th century to the present.

HIS 200 Research Methods (3 cr.) 
An introduction to the methodologies and skills of the historical enterprise. In addition to skills development, the course is intended to introduce students to the broader issues implicit in ‘doing history,’ including the nature of history itself, the development of thehistorical profession, and the values and challenges of what one might call ‘historical-mindedness.’ Sophomore Status or Higher. Offered annually, spring semester

History 201 American History I (3 cr.) 
A survey of American history on the national, state, and local levels from the Colonial Period to the Civil War.

History 202 American History II (3 cr.) 
A survey of American history at the national, state, and local levels since 1865.

HIS 225 African-American History I (3 cr.) 
A study of the role and contributions of African Americans in the development of the American nationfrom colonial times through the Reconstruction Era. Offered annually, fall semester.

HIS 226 African-American History II (3 cr.) 
A study of the role and contributions of African Americans in modern American society since 1865. Offered annually, spring semester.

HIS 310 Ancient Regime Europe (3 cr.) 
An in-depth study of Europe during the Early Modern period, 1598-1789. Topics emphasized include the debate between the privilege-principle and theories of rationalism and/or egalitarianism, Absolutism vs. Constitutionalism; the Scientific Revolution, the emergence of the great European powers, and the Enlightenment.

HIS 311 Revolutionary Europe (3 cr.) 
A study of Europe from 1789-1919, centering on the impact of the three major revolutionary upheavals: the French, the industrial, and the Russian, interweaving them with such themes as Bonapartism, the rise of modern political ideology, Romantic nationalism and state-building, post-Industrialism, and the Great War of 1914-1918.

HIS 312 Modern Europe (3 cr.) 
A study of Europe from the end of the First World War to the present. Topics covered include the breakdown of the Versailles system, World War II and the Holocaust, the Cold War, De-Colonization, the conceptualization of United Europe, and the Destruction of the Soviet Empire.

HIS 315 Ancient Egypt and Its Neighbors (3 cr.) 
A study of the ancient civilizations of Northeastern Africa, with the emphasis on Egyptian civilization from c. 3100 – 31 B.C.; but encompassing pertinent information on nearby regional cultures, notably those of the Holy Land and Mesopotamia.

HIS 316 Ancient Greece and Rome (3 cr.) 
Expounds upon the history and culture of the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations from their purported origins to 476 A.D. The course content will be inclusive of the advent and rise of Christianity.

HIS 318 Medieval History (3 cr.) 
A survey of the major political, economic, social,and cultural developments in Europe from the dissolution of the Western Roman Empire to the Renaissance.

HIS 320 Renaissance and Reformation (3 cr.) 
A study of the political, economic, religious, and intellectual changes, which characterized the waning of medieval civilization and the beginning of the modern world.

HIS 323 History of England I (3 cr.) 
Intensive study of the major developments of English history from its earliest beginnings to the Glorious Revolution.

HIS 324 History of England II (3 cr.) 
An intensive study of the major developments in English history since 1700, including developments in Ireland and Britain’s overseas activities.

HIS 334 History and Politics of Latin America (3 cr.) 
A study of the major political, economic, social, and cultural developments in Latin America from the pre-Columbian period to the present.

HIS 348 History and Culture of Africa (3 cr.) 
A survey of the major characteristics and developments of African political, social, economic, and cultural life from earliest times up to the present.

HIS 350 History and Politics of the Middle East (3cr.) 
An application of the regional approach to the study of North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean and Persian Gulf regions. The past, present, and future of each region are covered.

HIS 360 The Civil War and Reconstruction Era (3 cr.) 
Examines the issues contributing to the Civil War and the social, political, and economic changes wrought by the War and Reconstruction.

HIS 410 Criminal Justice in Historical Perspective (3 cr.) 
An examination of the history of crime and criminal justice in the context of changing attitudes and views about law over time. While the primary focus of the course is the United States, comparative developments in other countries are covered as well.

HIS 449 Women in American History (3 cr.) 
A survey of the role and contributions women have made to American life from Colonial times to the present. Prerequisites: HIS 201 and 202.

HIS 455 U. S. Constitutional History (3 cr.) 
A study of American constitutional development from Colonial times to the present. Prerequisites: HIS 201 and 202.

HIS 466 Topics in African-American History (3 cr.)
An in-depth exploration of selected events, circumstances, personalities, ideas, themes, problems, and issues which arise within the historical life and culture of African-American people.

HIS 490 Selected Topics (3 cr.) 
In-depth study of a topic of current interest in history.

HIS 492 Internship (1 - 3 cr.) 
Opportunities for students to serve in a governmental - public agency or institution. Prerequisites: Junior or senior status, cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better, and permission of the instructor.