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Application to the Social Work Program

Students may declare an intended major or minor in social work at the time they begin at VUU, or at any time while at VUU. Transfer students may also declare social work as their intended major or minor.  The student will remain an intended social work major until the completion of the freshman and sophomore years. At this point, students must be formally admitted to the Social Work Program in order to enroll in upper division social work courses.  Students who are not admitted to the Social Work Program may not be permitted to take upper division social work courses.

For acceptance into the Social Work Program, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.4 or higher;
  2. Grade of “C” or above in each of the social work classes: (SWK 200, SWK 255, SWK 256 OR SWK Communication 1 and 2) and in English 101 and 102;
  3. Completed 45 credit hours, which includes Eng 101 and 102, Mat 115 and 121 (or higher), Statistics, SWK 256 and 257 (SWK Communication 1 and 2), or finished one Communication class and currently enrolled in the other);
  4. Completed the required community service hours for each semester the student was a social work major.

Typically, applicants will complete the application for admission to the Social Work Program during the spring of their sophomore year or at the beginning of the semester in which they transfer to VUU, if it is later. If the student has not met the criteria by that time, the student may apply in a subsequent fall or spring semester.

Social Work Program Application