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New Student Orientation Assignments

Welcome for the 2018 NSO Assignment portal.  Here you will be able to access directions for, as well as submit, your course assignments.

NSO Workbook

  • Click here to access the 2018 NSO Workbook

Daily/Weekly Schedule

Succe22 Inventory

Virginia Union University would like prospective students to have an opportunity to share more information about themselves.  This survey will ask you questions about your school experiences, life experiences, leadership, sense of community, self-esteem, curiosity, values, support system, grit, and career plans.   The inventory will take about 45 minutes to complete and contains 60 items. Please do your best to respond to each question in a way that best describes you.  Thank you for your participation.   

Writing Workshop

Personalized Education Plan

Math Workshop

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Departmental Bootcamps

Other Workshops

Scholarship Opportunities

Accuplacer Discussion

Title IX 

Extra Credit Assignment

NSO/GST Grading Rubric

Follett includED Student Textbook Agreement