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Meet the University College Team

Picture, Mr. Adolph Brown

Picture, Ms. Faith Barbour

Mr. Adolph Brown

Ms. Faith Barbour

Academic Coordinator and Junior Policy Analyst Academic Coordinator and Director of VCAAW
(804) 829-0624 (804) 257 - 5689

Picture, Ms. Roswitha Shelton

Ms. Roswitha Shelton

Ms. Saraisa Simpson

Learning Center Coordinator Academic Coordinator
(804) 905-7937 (804) 257- 5691 

Picture, Ms. Kimberly Johnson

Picture, Dr. Darius Beechaum

Ms. Kimberly Johnson

Dr. Darius Beechaum

Assistant Dean and Retention Coordinator

Interim Dean

(804) 318-4107 

(804) 342-6758