Online Support Services

P: 800-368-3227    E: academic_affairs@vuu.edu

Welcome to the my.vuu.edu student portal! To assist you with understanding and getting acclimated to the online course environment, please login at my.vuu.edu.    

Within the my.vuu.edu student portal you will:  

  • Learn how to use and be prepared for the technology you will use within your online courses.  
  • Gain an understanding of the expectations that have been set as an online student within your degree program.  
  • Learn techniques to overcome common obstacles as an online student.  
  • Learn how to navigate my.vuu.edu and the various online tools you may use to complete your assignments.  

Textbooks for your course materials and textbooks can be purchased via the University Bookstore.

University Counseling Services

Dr. Shanita Brown, University Counselor
Henderson Center  
Individual and Group Pastoral Conversations
Available by Appointment from the University Pastors

University Career Services

The Office of Workforce Development & Training enhances career pathways and access to opportunities (internships) that will lead to gainful employment and reduction/elimination of student debt.  Our goal is to have 100% of the student body engaged in an internship that will develop the required skills to prepare students to become gainfully employed. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, high-quality, liberal arts education, in a student-centered environment.  

University College Services

Office of Inclusive Learning The Office of Inclusive Learning Services ensures that VUU Panthers with disabilities/learning differences have equal access to campus resources to ensure their academic success.