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Loan Exit Counseling

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Financing a higher educational experience is an investment the future. If students decide to utilize Federal Direct Loans in meeting their higher educational costs, a clear understanding of rights and responsibilities, as a student loan borrower, is critical to managing personal finances.

Federal regulations state that students who have borrowed federal student loans are required to participate in a student loan exit counseling session upon falling below halftime enrollment, withdrawing or graduating. Exit counseling helps students understand their rights and responsibilities as student loan borrowers. The exit counseling session will provide useful tips and information to help manage student loans, including repayment plans and estimated monthly payments. In an effort to assist you with fulfilling this regulation, the student financial aid office provides an online opportunity to complete this requirement.

 Students will be notified in writing when exit counseling is required. They will be directed to complete the session online at (students must log into the website to access the counseling session with their FSA ID and password). The Office of Financial Aid also offers financial aid exit counseling sessions designed to answer any questions students may have regarding their federal student loans.

Students Enrolled Less than Halftime

If you have utilized a federal student loan and are currently enrolled on a less than halftime basis, taking time off from school, or have withdrawn from the university then you must complete loan exit counseling at Completion of this counseling session provides you with the information you will need to manage your loan while you are not in school.

Exit Counseling Guide

This U.S. Department of Education's Exit Counseling Guide will help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a student loan borrower.