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Our Office of Giving manages the process for maintaining and improving the relationship of Virginia Union University with its constituents and selected publics in a way that most effectively contributes to the achievement of the University’s mission.

VUU is focused on bringing important changes to the campus’ academic and social environments, in addition to laying the groundwork for future investment in our students. As we continue to pursue our goals, we must be prepared to meet the inevitable financial demands that accompany ambitious projects. 

Virginia Union University is focused on five (5) urgent priorities: 

  1. Student Scholarships 

  • The cost of education continues to be a barrier for many students looking to further their education. 

  • Expanded scholarship funds ease students’ financial burdens and enable them to focus on their goals, while also ensuring that more qualified, capable, and motivated students have access to VUU. 

  1. Social Justice and Equality Initiatives 

  • VUU will continue to be a leader in social justice by opening The School of Social Justice, Policy and Community Activism to educate and initiate much-needed change in the greater Richmond community.  

  • Priority initiatives will include community engagement through programs such as youth mentorship, workforce development, and exploration of African American history and culture. 

  1. Enhancing the Learning Process through Innovation 

  • Providing students and educators with upgraded technology enables a seamless transition to virtual learning in a time when remote education is necessary.  

  • Equipping classrooms with the required technology paves the way for more innovative teaching, collaborative thinking, and expanded learning opportunities. 

  1. Revitalizing Historic Campus Buildings 

  • Updates are urgent now more than ever, to foster a safe living and learning environment for VUU students.  

  • Preserving VUU’s rich history and campus is essential to the University, the City of Richmond, and the region. 

  1. Sustaining the Mission through Endowment 

  • Strengthening the endowment will provide long-term security and enable VUU to thrive. 

  • A robust endowment will secure VUU’s important legacy and ensure that VUU continues to prepare generations of students to be leaders of tomorrow. 


Virginia Union University has a rich history of coming together during times of uncertainty. 155 years ago, our founders joined together to provide the fertile foundation of education for generations to follow.

Our early leaders united Richmond Theological Seminary, Wayland Seminary, Hartshorn Memorial College, and Storer College, establishing what we now know to be Virginia UNION University. Our students, the Richmond 34, united together to fight for social justice and equity for all, and today, VUU continues to mobilize during tough times, coming together in support of one another to show that #VUUCares. This is what it means to be a VUU Panther.

It is important to give now, more than ever to support our students. Every Tuesday of 2020, we’re asking supporters of #PantherNation to give a gift of 155 to commemorate VUU’s 155 years of Excellence in Education.

 Pick your combination and donate today here and add your name to the 155th Anniversary Honor Roll of Donors!

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