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2019-2020 1000 PANTHER CHALLENGE


Thank you for supporting our 2019-2020 1000 Panther Challenge. We continue to be overwhelmed by this amazing demonstration of commitment from alumni in support of our deserving students. Again, thank you.
Please join us again by supporting the 1000 Panther Challenge for 2019-2020. Our fiscal year is from July 1, 2019, through June 30, 2020. Make a gift before June 30, 2020, to be counted this fiscal year. A gift of $1,000 qualifies the giver for recognition as a member of the President’s Circle. In addition, the gift may also be counted towards a reunion class. If you have already made a gift, we thank you for your support.

Our mission is to provide a nurturing, intellectually challenging and spiritually enriching environment for learning; empower students to develop strong moral values for success; and, develop scholars, leaders and lifelong learners of a global society. As an enrollment-driven institution, most of our operating budget is based on tuition and fees. The remainder comes from private sources, grants, and contracts. As before, your continued support is vital in our quest to fulfill this mission.   For more information please call 804-342-3938.


Dr. Gideon Adebisi Adegbile, ‘66 
Mr. John A. Allen, Jr., ‘61 
Ms. Constance E. Alston, ‘85 
Ms. Virginia H. Anderson, ‘62 
Dr. Alpheus Arrington, Jr., ‘67 
Mrs. Michelle Benson-Dumas, ‘93 
Ms. Marian J. Bey Gordon, ‘64 
Ms. Barbara C. Braxton, ‘68 
Mrs. Louise Taylor Brewington, ‘55 
Dr. Roslyn M. Brock, ‘87 
Mr. Charles W. and Mrs. Theresa A. Brown, ’72, ‘73 
Dr. Lillian J. Brown, ‘57 
Dr. Lucille M. Brown, ‘50 
Mrs. Patricia Gray Buckner, ‘63 
Dr. Russell M. Busch, ‘62 
Dr. Johnnie L. and Mrs. Virginia C. Cameron, ’66, ‘67 
Mrs. Bertha S. Carter, ‘66 
Mrs. Janice C. Charity, ‘71 
Ms. Viviene Cheek, ‘62 
Mr. Wilfred Chrichlow, ‘71 
Mrs. Louise Miles Chubbs, ‘60 
Dr. Alvin A. Cleveland, Sr. ‘79 
Ms. Joyce Byrd Cofield, ‘69 
Mrs. Martha M. Boston Coleman, ‘69 
Mr. Leonard Davis, ‘67 
Mrs. Jocelyn H. Dobbins, ‘73 
Mrs. Linda L. Dupee-Clark, ‘66 
Reverend Thurman O. Echols, Jr., ‘72 
Mrs. Marguerite M. Edons, ‘72
Dr. Mary Edosomwan, ‘16 
Dr. Virginia G. Edwards, ‘59 
Sheryl E. Ellison-Blue, Esq., ‘76 
Dr. Thomas H. and Dr. Ruth W. Epps, ‘68, ‘67 
Dr. Katherine L. Everett, ‘80 
Mrs. Mavis W. Farrar, ‘56 
Dr. Brian K. Fleming, ‘80 
Mr. Wallace T. Ford, Jr., ‘64 
Mr. William A. Ford, ‘58 
Dr. Anderson J. Franklin, ‘61 
Dr. Patricia A. Gould-Champ, ‘69 
Mrs. Ernestine H. Green, ‘55 
Reverend Larry C. Green, Sr., ‘67 
Mrs. Necole Parker Green, ‘93 
Ms. Connie R. Greene, ‘69 
Mr. Carrol E. Zanders, ‘74 
Mr. Larry D. Woodson, ‘74

Ms. Dolores R. Greene, ‘67
Mrs. Alma A. Greer, ‘72
Reverend Dr. Browlee Hailstock, Jr., ‘77
Mrs. Addie L. Hall-Scott, ‘71
Dr. Gahear F. Hamlor, ‘72
Mrs. Terri A. Harmon, ‘90
Mrs. Sheila F. Harp Flowers, ‘79
Colonel Robert D. Harrison, ‘80
Ms. Veronica B. Henderson, ‘67
Mr. Charles E. Hester, ‘73
Dr. Percy L. and Mrs. Esther M. T. High, ‘66, ‘65
Mr. Joseph B. Hill, ‘90
Mrs. Naomi L. Hodge-Muse, ‘75
Mr. William B. Holmes, Sr., ‘59
Dr. Gregory Howard, ‘04
Mr. Ulysses Jacks, Esq., ‘59
Mrs. Gwendolyn H. Jackson, ‘69
Ms. Ruth M. Jackson, ‘61
Ms. Carolyn W. Jacobs, ‘64
Mrs. Marion P. Johns, ‘61
Ms. Carolyn C. Johnson, ‘87
Mrs. Geraldine W. Johnson, ‘64
CSM James M. Johnson, ‘73
Mr. Jerome J. and Mrs. Roslyn A. Johnson, ‘67
Mr. Levonne E. Johnson, ‘73
Ms. Janara N. Jones, ‘96
Ms. Johnetta Jones, ‘76
Mrs. Mary S. Joseph Hull, ‘59
Mrs. Loretta M. Kelly, ‘72
Dr. John W. Kinney, ‘72
Mrs. Richard A. Lambert, Sr., ‘70
Mrs. Wendy Pace Lewis, ‘97
Ms. Edna L. Lindsay, ‘62
Mr. Winston A. Macon, ‘62
Reverend David V. Mallory, ‘61
Mrs. Catherine S. Mankin, ‘52
Dr. Cora B. Marrett, ‘63
Dr. James McCain, ‘64
Bishop Rudolph W. McKissick, ‘90
Dr. Carolyn L. Mosby, ‘58
Dr. Roland E. and Mrs. Blanche H. Moore, ’69, ‘71
Dr. Jack P. Neal, Jr., ‘60
Mr. Richard F. and Mrs. Dorothy R. Norwood, ’69, ‘72
Mr. William H. and Mrs. Pamela C. Parker, ’75, ‘77 

Mr. Robert W. Peay, ‘72
Mr. Albert O. and Mrs. Thelma Pettis, ’50, ‘48
Attorney N. Scott Phillips, Esq., ‘83
Mrs. Patricia Parker Pitts, ‘69
Dr. Angela Teresa Powell, ‘85
Dr. Grady W. and Dr. Bertie J. Powell, ‘59
Mrs. Loretta M. Powell, ‘55
Attorney Dorthula H. Powell-Woodson, ‘45
Dr. Joyce Reese-Peagler, ‘57
Mr. Charles D. Robinson, ‘63
Mr. James A. and Mrs. Phyllis E. Ross, ‘72
Mrs. Deborah R. Scott, ‘72
Mrs. Gwendolyn G. Simmons, ‘46
Dr. Joe Louis Simmons, ‘60
Mrs. Hazel P. Simpson, ‘81
Ms. Valerie C. Smith, ‘78
Mrs. Willie R. Spence, Jr., ‘71
Mrs. Johnsey Steppe-Parks, ‘79
Ms. Ethel M. Stone, ‘60
Reverend Timothy S. Swan, ‘99
Dr. Marion R. Tapscott, ‘68
Ms. Jean F. Thomas, ‘59
Mrs. Ora Brown Tilghman, ‘67
Mrs. Mildred V. Trent, ‘66
Dr. Leroy and Mrs. Shirley Vaughn, ’55, ‘56
Mr. Karl V. Walkes, ‘60
Mrs. Wivona M. Ward, ‘60
Dr. Cheryl G. Watkins, ‘78
Dr. Lance D. Watson, ‘86
Reverend William C. Webb, ‘59
Reverend Kevin B. Weston, ‘84
Dr. Andrew J. and Mrs. Gracie White, ’53, ‘56
Mr. James A. White, ‘66
Mr. Richard H. White, ‘62
Mr. Vernon L. Wildy, ‘64
Dr. Frank L. Williams III, ‘56
Mrs. Linda G. Williams, ‘72
Bishop Melvin Williams, Jr., ‘11
Reverend Sidney W. Williams, Jr., ‘57
Mr. Robert B. Wilson, ‘64
Ms. Demetrius Vanessa Windom, ‘79
Reverend Regina G. Young-Washington, ‘08

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