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Higher Education Leadership and Study in Historically Black Colleges and Universities

The Center for the Study of HBCUs, in partnership with the Southern Education Foundation (SEF), at Virginia Union University is a national research center whose vision is to become the country’s preeminent institute for the advancement of scholarship on Black colleges in the United States and beyond.  The Center has a discovery agenda that ranges from foundational inquiry to translational and disruptive, transformational innovations. The Center for the Study of HBCUs conducts rigorous, evidence-based research that aims to advance the University’s research agenda, expand institutional capacities, transform institutions, eradicate institutional inequities, and ensure the future of HBCUs in the nation and beyond.

Our mission is achieved through four (4) primary activities or roles: CONDUCT research and scholarship; CONVENE the HBCU scholarly community; MOBILIZE resources in support of advancing HBCU research; DISSEMINATE research and scholarship broadly. 

VUU Global is a new distance learning venture, bringing the HBCU experience to the cloud. Our new initiative provides high-quality opportunities and continuing education experiences to learners across the globe and is part of a broader strategy to remove barriers to educational opportunity in hopes of uniting communities, creating change. Programming provides learners with access to world-class lectures on a diverse range of topics and disciplines vital to our world today taught by distinguished thought leaders across multiple industries. Cataloged within the Center for the Study of HBCUs at Virginia Union University, the virtual sessions will give learners the opportunity to participate in an educational experience with the perks and flexibility of enrollment without the full-time commitment.

Ever increasing and advancing is the discovery agenda that ranges from foundational inquiry to translational and disruptive, transformational innovations. Higher Education Leadership and Study of Historically Black Colleges and Universities aim is at disseminating knowledge about the continuity between the administrative management of HBCUs and the educational practices of HBCUs. This series will publish research projects that focus on how managing HBCUs requires leaders to abide by the mission of the founding fathers of HBCUs and to adjust their leadership style to contemporary higher educational demands. Also, that effective leaders of HBCUs must strive to train students to be competitive and meet the demands of the twenty-first century labor market.