Call for Research Proposals

Please specify the purpose and audience for your book project by writing a proposal that includes the following elements. The goal is to understand how your book could make an important, unique contribution to your field. 

Begin your proposal by explaining the overall objectives and significance of the book project in a detailed statement of purpose (1-3). 

In writing your statement of purpose, please respond to the following questions: 

  • Who is/are the author(s)/editor(s)?
  • If this is an edited volume, include a list of contributors/affiliations. Please indicate if this is a tentative list.
  • Who is your audience for this book? (e.g., academic or professional, adoption potential or reference work)?
  • How could the book be marketed (e.g., are there professional societies or SIGs that would be interested in this book)?
  • How do you expect readers to make use of this book?
  • How does the book extend current knowledge in your field of study?
  • How does the project explore previously unrecognized or infrequently considered topics in the literature?

Also tell us: 

  • How this work fits in with the published literature
  • If any of the information about the book or its author(s) is tentative
  • The length of the project
  • Your schedule for delivery of the final draft
  • About any special production issues such as complicated graphics, art work, photos, etc.
  • Whether you are submitting your proposal to other prospective publishers.

In addition to your statement of purpose, please add: 

  • An outline of the book that provides a short narrative description of each chapter. For edited volumes, provide a list of the chapter titles or topics that will be covered. 
  • A resume or curriculum vitae for the authors(s) or editor(s). 
  • A sample chapter or section if available, or a sample of a journal article or conference paper that is similar to the proposed volume. 

Required paperwork for potential authors 


Publication Agreement

Marketing Questionnaire

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We are asking that all published authors donate a percentage of their royalty to the HBCU that they research or they work for.