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[University] Partners with Southern Education Foundation and Information Age Publishing on HBCU Research Collaboration 
First project assembles the responses, measures, new infrastructures, and leadership style of HBCU presidents to the Covid-19 pandemic 

[University, City, State] – [University] is proud to partner with Southern Education Foundation and Information Age Publishing in the launch of a dynamic book series centered around the urgent transformation of educational models as higher education administrators and instructors adjust their educational practices to a contactless environment. The project, Modern Heroics: How HBCUs Reinvented Higher Education During the 2020 Great Separation, sets out to collect the responses, measures, infrastructures, and leadership styles of the presidents of historically black colleges and universities to address the impact of COVID-19 on their institutions. 

The book series aims at filling a vacuum in both the management of higher education institutions at large and the management of HBCUs specifically. Most institutions of higher learning do not have a written catalog of responses, measures, infrastructures, and leadership style. The first volume in this series will, thus, serve as a reference manual for future generations of HBCU leaders called to manage similar disasters. Moreover, it will emphasize the need to adopt a flexible leadership style, even while hoping for the best. 

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[University] is honored to be involved in the research and creation of this informative anthology for future generations to support them in managing similar crises.  

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Founded in 1867 as the George Peabody Education Fund, the Southern Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supported by partners and donors committed to advancing equitable education policies and practices that elevate learning for low-income students and students of color in the southern states. We develop and disseminate research-based solutions for policymakers and grow the capacity of education leaders and influencers to create systemic change.

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