Celebrating VUU's Rich Black History Month: Honoring the Richmond Sit-In Legacy

February 06, 2024

In the heart of Virginia Union University (VUU), history came alive with the vibrant celebration of Black History Month. With every step into the Claude G. Perkins Living and Learning Center, the air buzzed with anticipation, as students, faculty, and honored guests gathered to pay homage to a defining moment in the nation's civil rights movement. 

Dr. Scott Bray's resonant invocation marked the beginning of a journey through time, as Dr. Raymond Pierre Hylton warmly welcomed everyone, setting the stage for a morning filled with introspection and empowerment. Dr. Tim Wenzell and Dr. Raymond Pierre Hylton took center stage, their words weaving a tapestry of the past, present, and future, emphasizing the ongoing struggle for equality and justice. 

As attendees leaned in, eager to absorb every word, Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson Rice and Dr. Scott Bray cast a spotlight on history, painting vivid portraits of the Richmond Sit-In of '34. Their narratives were not mere recollections but powerful reminders of the resilience and courage that ignited the flames of change. 

Yet, amidst the reflections of the past, there was a celebration of triumph. Dr. Tim Wenzell and Dr. Raymond Pierre Hylton illuminated the stage with stories of VUU's illustrious past, recounting visits from luminaries like Langston Hughes. It was a testament to the university's rich legacy of fostering intellectual discourse and cultural exchange. 

The event pulsated with energy as Mr. Brian Bullock provided updates on VUU's current endeavors, serving as a bridge between the past and the present. And then, the stage transformed into a platform for dialogue and innovation as esteemed scholars Dr. Cleve Tinsley, Dr. Peter Wallenstein, Dr. Stephanie Hooks, Dr. Kimberly Matthews, and Dr. Tim Wenzell engaged in a spirited panel discussion on preserving history. 

As the event drew to a close, there was a palpable sense of pride and determination in the air. Attendees departed with hearts full of inspiration, ready to carry forward the torch of equality and justice. For in the hallowed halls of VUU, the legacy of the Richmond Sit-In lives on, a beacon of hope guiding the way towards a brighter future.