Panther Family Welcomes Class of 2027 to Campus

July 21, 2023

by Justice Miller

The new academic year began this past weekend, and Virginia Union University welcomed its first-year students to campus. To make the transition to college life seamless, VUU hosted a three-day move-in and orientation program called "The Union Experience." Students had the chance to network with new peers and learn more about the school and its programs at the event.

When the students set foot on campus, it was clear that VUU was committed to helping these new Panthers feel at home. Students were placed in groups during orientation and checked in with the Enrollment Management team. The John W. Barco Alumni Chapter, Vice Admiral Samuel L. Gravely Alumni Chapter, and the Tom Harris Alumni Chapter of the VUUNAA also assisted with the move-in process. The Alumni chose to "Welcome Home" the class of 2027 this year by giving new freshmen baskets filled with everything they need for their dorm rooms.

VUU alumni shared heartfelt wishes with the new students and encouraged them to have a successful life and educational experience while at VUU. "We wish all the wonderful freshmen a successful year," "The future is in your control," and "The alumni are here to help, and we are happy to do it for Virginia Union University."

The three-day event included team-building activities that helped the first-year students develop a sense of belonging and community. After that, they had the opportunity to participate in various activities and group discussions to raise their academic standing.

"One thing I like about the campus is that it's smaller, so everyone here is like a community. I also like how helpful The Union Experience and Orientation leaders have been throughout this transition," said Josiah Jackson, VUU Freshman.  

Overall, for these students, "The Union Experience" marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter in their life. The event's objectives of introducing the freshmen to their new community and allowing them to interact with their peers were successfully met. These brand-new Panthers are now prepared to begin their time at VUU and leave their mark on the institution.