STVU Receives Historical Black Theology Grant

October 08, 2020


Justin-Mychal White

Senior Writer, Virginia Union University



RICHMOND, VA – Virginia Union University School of Theology (STVU) is proud to be selected as the recipient of the Historic Black Theological Program grant totaling $1 million from the Lilly Endowment Incorporation.  

“STVU is literally the cornerstone of Virginia Union University,” said Dr. Hakim-J.-Lucas, President & CEO of Virginia Union University. “Theology and VUU are synonymous of one another and it is important that the program continues to use its resources to provide innovative ways to deliver the world most renowned religious leaders.” 

The Historic Black Theological Program grant will be used to fund the development and operations of a STVU based center that addresses global injustices through the gift of prophetic preaching and cultural immersion/engagement. In addition, scholarship support will be offered to STVU doctoral students in the concentrations of preaching and social concerns, global leadership, institutional reform, community health and sustainability.  

“We are extremely pleased that the prestigious Lilly Endowment has awarded Virginia Union's  highly-regarded Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology this significant grant addressing global injustices and fighting oppressions,” said Dr. Terrell Strayhorn, Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs. “Innovation, spiritual formation, and equity/diversity are three of our core values at Union and they align with the focus of this important work. We are grateful to Lilly for its generosity in supporting our vision for a limitless future.” 

The center will demonstrates the effectiveness of prophetic preaching and black theological education in shaping discourse that addresses and transforms communities subject to injustices and oppression of every kind. VUU students will be better prepared to make global impact in the work of justice led by the faith community. Primary activities will initially take place virtually with future campus-based activities and global cultural immersion opportunities forthcoming. 

For more information, please contact Justin-Mychal White at.jcwhite@vuu.edu or (804) 257-5856.  

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