Virginia Union University Students Engage with State Delegates During VUU Day at the Capitol

March 11, 2024

Richmond, VA - Virginia Union University (VUU) students recently participated in VUU Day at the Capitol, where 50 students had the opportunity to engage with 21 delegates from the House and Senate. 

Upon arrival at 8:00 am, the students were warmly welcomed on the 9th floor by Delegate Delores McQuinn and Delegate Nadarius Clark. They had the privilege of hearing from several members of the House and Senate until 10:40 am. Following this, the students were led to the House Gallery, where Delegate Clark took a moment to recognize the Panther football team. 

During the event, a key message resonated with the students as all Delegates and Senators emphasized the importance of reaching out to individuals who may have different perspectives to ensure a comprehensive understanding of important issues. They encouraged the students to engage with those who have differing viewpoints to gain insight into how they think or will vote on matters that are important to them. 

“Speak to those people in place who don’t look like you to make sure you know how they think or will vote on issues that matter to you,” Delegate Nadarius Clark said. 

The event served as a reminder that while the federal government is significant, state government plays a crucial role in shaping policies that directly impact individuals. It was highlighted that understanding the stances of state Delegates and Senators on various issues is essential, as their decisions can have a direct impact on the lives of citizens. 

Virginia Union University is committed to providing students with opportunities to engage with government officials and gain valuable insights into the legislative process. VUU Day at the Capitol was a successful event that empowered students to become more actively involved in state politics and advocate for issues that are important to them. 

For more information about VUU Day at the Capitol, please contact Alecia Williams at amwilliams1@vuu.edu