Virginia Union University Welcomes the Class of 2023

August 03, 2019

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August 3, 2019

(Richmond, VA) - Virginia Union University (VUU) welcomed first-time freshmen to campus on Saturday, August 3. The students and their families were greeted by volunteers made up of VUU faculty, staff, students, and alumni. They were on hand to help with moving into the residence halls and answering questions. The Class of 2023 will have a month to adjust to campus life before the upperclassmen arrive.

“This is a great time for our freshmen to get comfortable with their new home away from home.  Our campus community has graciously volunteered to make this a fun day for all, especially for those who may be anxious about leaving their parents. We are working to make this one of the best experiences of their lives,“ said Dr. Tierney Bates, Vice-President, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs. 

“I welcome each freshman to our Panther family, and I look forward to witnessing their academic accomplishments over the next four years,” said Dr. Hakim J. Lucas, President and CEO of VUU.

The students will be introduced to VUU’s University College (UC) program during orientation. The UC will expose them to the rich history of the school, major and minor offerings, and advise them through their first classes. In addition, the students will develop a four-year education plan and be required to complete community service projects throughout the City of Richmond.

“Having these students arrive before the upperclassman provides a valuable opportunity for them to meet and bond with their classmates, as well as get accustomed to college-level courses,” said Dr. Carleitta Paige-Anderson, Dean of the University College. “I am excited to work with each of them as we introduce them to the mission and values of VUU.”

Applications for admission are still being accepted. Interested students can apply at www.vuu.edu/apply and may be eligible for scholarships.

Upperclassman will return to campus on August 24 and classes will begin on August 26.

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